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How to preserve single cake Pu'er tea? Preservation of single cake Pu'er tea

Pu'er tea is known as' a drinkable antique '. Pu'er tea has great collection value and value-added space. The longer the Pu'er tea is, the higher the price is, and the better the taste is. Good quality Pu'er tea can appreciate at an annual growth rate of 10% to 15%. But how to preserve single cake Pu'er tea? How to preserve single cake Pu'er tea.

Preservation steps of raw Pu'er tea:

1. Must be aged in dry warehouse

Dry storage will not mildew, transformation is relatively slow, but can maintain the authenticity of Pu'er tea. Tea likes konjac leaves and is afraid of fragrant herbs. It likes to be warm and dry but not cold and wet. Tea record was written by Cai Xiang in Song Dynasty. Dry warehouse refers to the fermentation and storage of tea in the environment of moderate humidity, temperature and ventilation; wet warehouse refers to the process of tea merchants putting tea in the environment of poor ventilation and high humidity to accelerate aging in order to obtain profits.

2. The temperature should not change suddenly

If the temperature in the warehouse is too high and the temperature difference changes too suddenly, it will affect the liveliness of the taste given by the water quality of the tea soup. Even if the temperature in the warehouse is too high, it will form sultry, which will change the original raw tea into cooked tea. This situation occurs from time to time in Hong Kong's tea depots.

3. Avoid the infection of miscellaneous smell

Tea is the most will absorb odor, sprinkle a handful of dry tea, will absorb the odor in the air, because outside, should strive to store the environment clean without odor. I like konjac leaves, but I'm afraid of fragrant herbs. In Song Dynasty, Cai Xiang wrote: "I like cool but hate steaming.". I like to be alone, but I don't like smell. Ming Dynasty: it's written by the dragon; tea is lustful and easy to be dyed. The article discusses the fishy, filthy and gas things. Don't get close to it. Even if it's a famous fragrance, it's not suitable to be in front of each other.

4. Packaging with bamboo and Indocalamus

Tea must be solid. It is still tightly packed with thick Indocalamus. At the mouth of the urn, add Ruo. It is wrapped in genuine leather paper. The book of tea is written by Xu Cishu. This kind of traditional packaging material and way helps to filter the miscellaneous flavor of Pu'er tea during post fermentation to ensure its purity. Some people often repackage the opened tea with inferior quality plastic paper. After a long time, it will give off peculiar smell and directly destroy the taste of Pu'er tea.

5. Pay attention to tea age and longevity

The age of Pu'er tea is 60 years, or 100 years, or hundreds of years. There is no conclusive data. The degree of aging of Pu'er tea is often judged by the intuition of tea tasters. For example, fuyuanchang and Tongqing old Pu'er round tea have reached the peak of aging, so they must be sealed for storage, so as to avoid the gradual disappearance of tea quality and deterioration of taste. The golden melon tribute tea in the Forbidden City has been aged for one or two hundred years, and its taste is good. The soup is colored, but the tea is aged and weak.

matters needing attention:

According to Pu'er tea collectors, the following problems must be paid attention to when collecting Pu'er tea cakes: first, it is necessary to distinguish raw tea from old tea. Before the 1970s, the old tea was mainly green cake and raw tea, that is, without artificial fermentation process, the cake tea and loose tea, which were dried after withering, drying and autoclave forming, were called raw tea (green cake Pu'er). When they were exposed to air, they were fermented after natural changes. The longer the storage time, the better the tea quality.