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How to deal with Beijing individual business license? Beijing individual business license processing

Business license is a certificate issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce to industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed persons to engage in certain production and business activities. The format shall be uniformly prescribed by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. So how to deal with business license, Beijing individual business license how to deal with? Beijing individual business license processing process at a glance to understand.

First of all, bring the owner's ID card to the industry and Commerce Department to collect the "application form for approval of the title of individual industrial and commercial households", draft five enterprise titles, and submit them to the industry and Commerce Department for approval. Here is a warm reminder from the chief editor of the capital enterprise service department. Generally, the approval can be completed within seven days.

At the end of the approval, the official will call to tell you, give you a title approval letter. Now you can bring this letter of notice, as well as the original and copy of the rent contract and the owner's ID card to fill out the registration application form for individual businesses in the industry and Commerce Department. The owner himself is required to participate.

After the business license is approved, the official seal shall be engraved first, which shall be filed with the Public Security Bureau, engraved by a professional seal engraving company (which can engrave the special financial seal and invoice seal together, if it is needed, it can be engraved without being required), and the corporate name seal. The general professional seal engraving company can act as an agent for the public security to record.

Bring your business license, official seal, ID card and rental contract to the tax department for tax registration. In this article, it is explained that in the general sense of Beijing, the tax is required to be paid by the bank (the city commercial bank designated by the tax department of most districts and counties).

Then, when the above preparation is completed, the partners can take a copy of the business license, tax registration certificate, financial seal and personal name seal to the designated bank to process the passbook, sign a tripartite (entrusted tax payment) agreement, then send the agreement back to the tax department, and the tax department will send you the original tax registration certificate. In addition, if you need an invoice, you can collect and purchase it in the tax department (charge the cost).

Bring your business license, ID card and official seal, and go to the district and county quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to deal with the organization code card. It is advisable to wait and pay the cost of 30 yuan. The organization code certificate can be processed together with the tax registration certificate, and there is no sequence.