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How much does individual pay annuity to pay a year? What are the payment types of individual endowme

Pension, also known as pension and retirement fee, is one of the most important social pension insurance benefits. How much does an individual pay for his pension in a year? What are the payment types of individual endowment insurance? Let's learn about the new standard of pension payment in 2019.

it depends on what kind of payment type the individual endowment insurance pays in a year

1. If it is linked to the company to pay social security, the proportion of individual payment of endowment insurance fee is 8%. If the actual salary of the current month is 5000, pay according to the actual salary, then the monthly payment is 5000 * 8% = 400, and the annual insurance fee is 4800;

2. If you buy rural endowment insurance by yourself, you can pay according to different payment grades. Generally, the payment grades range from 100 yuan / year to 2000 yuan / year, and you can freely choose the payment grades;

3. If it is flexible employment personnel to buy insurance, they need to go to the local social security center to register, and then pay according to the regulations. The payment level of each region is different. They also need to go to the Social Security Bureau for consultation. If they don't want to go, they can also find other companies to pay.