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How to locate Apple's mobile phone? How to find it when Apple loses it

How to locate Apple's mobile phone? How to find it when Apple loses it friends who have played with iPhone or iPad all know that after Apple loses, they can log in to their account, see the specific location of the lost device, and then have the chance to retrieve the mobile phone, so how to retrieve the lost Apple mobile phone? Let's take a look at it!

Many people know that Apple has positioning function, but it's not very clear how to use it. Today, I'd like to share with you how to use Apple's' icloud 'to locate the iPhone and iPad. There are two important conditions: one is to log in icloud account on the device, and the other is to realize remote control and erasure when the device is connected to the wireless network. So just in case you don't want to sign up for icloud and log in!

First of all, you have to log in to 'icloud' on your iPhone. You don't need to go into details. As you all know, set - icloud - to log in to your account, and then open the location service.

Need to verify the Apple ID account after login

After entering, the device will display offline (during the test, I specially put the mobile wireless gateway to see the effect)

It's OK to go offline. Select the device to continue setting... Click "lost mode" decisively... Rest assured, no harm will be caused to the mobile phone

After clicking, you will be prompted to enter the lock password... Please remember! Otherwise, the phone will be locked completely.

Next, set the mobile phone number displayed on the lock screen. When someone finds it, they can dial the number you set directly (but no one will call you in China)

Next, set the information displayed on the lock screen!

Because the lost mode also relies on the network to realize the remote locking of the phone, so the phone will not be locked in the disconnected mode. Of course, you can choose to erase the iPhone. Erasing the iPhone can remotely delete the data in the phone, for example, to prevent colorful photos... Ha ha. (after setting up, I connected my phone to the Internet, and it was locked in less than a minute, so fast!)

Icloud will immediately display the location of the mobile phone (the location will be automatically activated when the mobile phone is connected to the Internet)

The hanging sample after the phone is locked ~ ~ in addition to being able to dial the phone number just set, nothing can be done, and the up and down menus are automatically prohibited.

As long as the information you provide is correct, our company guarantees 100% recovery