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What are the conditions for suspension? How to deal with the suspension procedures

Sometimes, due to injury or irresistible reasons, students need long-term treatment or miss class. Their guardians shall submit a written application for suspension of school and relevant supporting materials, which shall be submitted to the competent department of education for examination and approval after being reviewed by the school. So what are the conditions for suspension? How about the process of suspension?

1. Processing time: during the normal opening period of the school

2. Undertaking department: Educational Administration Office of Academic Affairs Office

3. Handling procedure: if a student requests to suspend school, he or she must apply in writing (provide corresponding supporting materials, etc.), and the college where he or she works shall put forward his or her opinions and report them to the Academic Affairs Office for approval.

4. Handling process

(1) Due to illness, the hospital of the University puts forward diagnosis opinions and suspension suggestions, and the students submit a written application to the college and fill in the suspension application form

(2) After being approved by the leaders of the College (Department), it shall be submitted to the Educational Administration Office of the educational administration office

(3) The office of educational administration of the office of educational administration will issue the notice of leaving school to those who meet the conditions of suspension

(4) Students should go through the school leaving procedures with the school leaving notice

(5) The students should go to the teaching office of the college to get the certificate of suspension and go home to recuperate.

Extended information:

Suspension of school

1. Application conditions: those who need to stop classes for treatment or recuperation for more than one third of a semester due to the diagnosis of illness; those who cannot study normally due to some special reasons, apply for it in person or the school thinks that they must stop studying.

2. Application time and deadline: students can apply for suspension in the 1st-15th teaching week of spring semester and the 1st-17th teaching week of autumn semester, and no suspension application will be accepted in summer semester.

3. The period of suspension is one semester. Students applying for suspension in the 14th-15th teaching week of spring semester and the 16th-17th teaching week of autumn semester shall go through the suspension procedures for one academic year (including the current semester). The application time of students' business suspension is within two weeks of the spring and autumn semester.

4. Application method: to apply for the suspension of study, you need to fill in the "approval form for suspension of study for undergraduates" in the teaching office of your college and department, and submit it to the Academic Affairs Office for approval after being approved by the teaching secretary and Dean of your college. If a student applies for suspension of school due to illness, he / she should attach a diagnosis signed by the hospital. If a student applies for suspension for other reasons, the application signed by his / her parents and relevant supporting materials shall be attached.

matters needing attention:

1. Students who are suspended from school should go through the formalities to leave the school within the prescribed time limit, and are not allowed to participate in the school's teaching activities, otherwise they will be treated as violating discipline, until their student status is cancelled.

2. Students are not allowed to apply to other schools during the period of suspension.

3. Students who do not go through the resumption procedures within two weeks after the expiration of the suspension period shall be regarded as dropping out automatically.