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What's going on with the Beijing Consumer Association's familiar list? Details of Beijing Consumers

For the same goods or services, the prices of old customers are much higher than those of new customers. This is what people often call "big data". This morning, the Beijing Consumer Association released the survey results of big data maturity, which showed that more than half of the respondents said that they had been 'killed' by big data, so what's the matter with the list of big data maturity of Beijing Consumer Association? Beijing Consumer Association familiar list details to understand.

Online shopping platform, online travel and online car Hailing

The survey shows that 88.32% of the respondents think that the phenomenon of big data "killing" is common or very common, and no respondents think that the phenomenon of big data "killing" does not exist. 56.92% of the respondents said that they had been killed by big data.

Respondents believed that online shopping platform, online travel and online car app or website big data had the most problems. According to the survey results, it is most common for respondents to experience big data "killing" in shopping, online travel and taxi apps or websites, followed by takeaway, video and movie apps or websites. Among them, 44.14%, 39.5% and 37.17% of the respondents experienced the top three types of app or website big data "killing".

As high as 83.74% of the respondents think that big data "killing familiar" infringes consumers' right to fair trade; 73.28% of the respondents think that big data "killing familiar" is that enterprises make profits by using the trust of old users. However, the survey also found that the self-protection consciousness of the respondents was not strong after they were "familiar" with big data. Only 26.72% of the respondents choose to complain to the consumer association or the market supervision department, and 17.43% of the respondents choose to swallow their anger and admit bad luck. is suspected of killing big data

This experience survey also found that some new and old users purchase the same goods or services on the same platform at the same time, and there is indeed a phenomenon of different prices, but the main reasons are that new users have coupons, old users automatically open membership or push different product configurations or service contents, etc. Only a few different price behaviors are suspected of big data "killing". For example, two Experiencers simultaneously book the same day's superior big bed room of Lifeng hotel? Changping gymnasium store through Feizhu travel. The old user's room fee does not include 291 yuan for breakfast, while the new user's room fee does not include 286 yuan for breakfast. In addition, they enjoy a 4 yuan discount. The actual room fee is 282 yuan. Experience has proved that new and old users in the same room have different prices and different discounts. Old users have high prices and do not enjoy the discount.

City Consumer Association: it's difficult for big data to produce evidence, so we should make clear the judgment standard as soon as possible

This survey mainly includes questionnaire survey, public opinion collection and experience survey. Among them, through the Beijing consumer association network( ), consumer network( )At the same time, 14 popular online consumer apps or websites, including online travel, online shopping, online takeout, online ticketing and online car hailing, were used to simulate consumers' behavior When using new and old user accounts to purchase the same product or service, 57 experience samples were completed.

City Consumer Association pointed out that big data 'kill familiar' has concealment, rights often difficult to prove. Therefore, we should improve the existing laws and regulations as soon as possible, make clear the judgment standard of big data 'maturity', and stipulate the legal attribute and application scope of big data. As soon as possible, relevant regulations for the implementation of the "e-commerce law" will be issued, and the "killing" behavior of big data will be included in the scope of legal governance.

At the same time, the relevant regulatory departments further innovate regulatory methods, adopt technical means and equipment, establish the corresponding big data online regulatory platform for all-weather online supervision, and improve the ability to investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal behaviors of using hidden big data. At the same time, establish integrity incentive and dishonesty blacklist system. Once it is found that the enterprise damages consumers' right to know, right to choose and right to fair trade through big data, it is not only necessary to give them administrative punishment, but also to put them on the integrity blacklist.