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Women eat health care products all over the face is too scary, long-term harm to eat health care pro

What's the matter? What's the harm of eating health care products for a long time? Recently, Miss Wei reported that she bought 15000 yuan health care products in a beauty and skin care shop in Shaoxing last year. She originally wanted to treat her own gynecological diseases. After a few months, she didn't expect that her face would be covered with acne instead of being cured, It distressed her a lot.

At more than 9 am that day, the reporter saw Xiao Wei wearing a mask in the triangle square. She told reporters that on November 3 last year, she bought seven kinds of health care products including enzymes and spirulina at a beauty and skin care shop in Xinhang village, triangle square, for a total of 15000 yuan.

Wei: it turns out that although I can't say my skin is very white, my face is clean and has nothing. After eating her products, three or four days later, she immediately developed a lot of sores. Just grow out of the time is very serious, a lot of sores, red and swollen face, are the kind of cyst sores. '

After acne appeared on her face, Xiaowei also communicated with businesses through wechat for many times, but the other side's reply was to let Xiaowei continue to take her family's health care products.

Xiao Wei: 'she has been perfunctory to me, saying that there are too many toxins in the body. Just let the toxins out of the body. But after eating a lot of food and eating her products, the sores on her face went back and forth, but they didn't get better. '

Xiaowei, 24, is from Guizhou Province. Originally, she had a good job in Datang, but since she had acne on her face, she didn't dare to go out and couldn't go to work normally. Xiaowei confessed to the reporter that her original intention of buying these health care products was because of her gynecological disease. After her face was sore, the beauty and skin care shop in Xinhang village still claimed that their health care products could treat Xiaowei's disease. Xiaowei insisted on taking them for more than three months with the idea of trying them, but the result was contrary to her wish.

Wei: 'because the shopkeeper told me before that I'll give you one that can be cured. It's only about 15000 yuan. After three or four months, it's almost ready to be adjusted. She said that there are several patients in her hand who can cure my disease. She said that she can cure it in three or four months. '

A week ago, Xiaowei called 12315 consumer rights hotline to reflect the incident, and relevant staff also dealt with it, but the beauty and skin care shop has not given her a reply.

From November last year to now, the acne on her face has been bothering Xiao Wei. She has also visited the hospital several times, but it has not been greatly improved. Now Xiaowei wants the beauty and skin care shop to return her 15000 yuan for health care products, but the business has never responded positively.

In the morning of the same day, Xiao Wei took the reporter to the Yansha cosmetics store in Xinhang village, triangle square. After the reporter explained her intention, the shopkeeper, Ms. sun, was silent all the time, saying that she would negotiate with Xiaowei privately, refuse us to shoot and interview, or even disappear behind closed doors. Before long, a person who claimed to be a friend of Ms. sun came to the store to learn from Xiao Wei.

Finally, after helping the reporter for half an hour, the two sides finally negotiated peacefully and reached a consensus. At present, Yansha cosmetics store has returned all 15000 yuan to Xiaowei. Wei also said it was acceptable.

What are the disadvantages of eating health food for a long time?

First of all, health food is a dietary supplement independent of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, which can neither treat diseases nor replace daily diet.

Secondly, the efficacy of expensive health care products on the market, compared with its real cost performance, there is a big gap. For example, the 100 tablets of vitamin C that can be bought for one yuan in a hospital are almost the same in composition as those that can be bought for hundreds of yuan a bottle, and the efficacy is basically the same.

Finally, health food is not "harmless" to eat. Excessive intake of various nutrients will cause adverse reactions, ranging from affecting absorption to causing diseases. For example, excessive intake of calcium can cause stones, while the daily intake of vitamin C is limited to 1000 mg, and there is a risk of poisoning in long-term excessive intake.

This is very harmful to the body, because nutrients can only strengthen or improve a certain function, while vegetables, fruits and other foods contain many active ingredients in addition to the main nutrients, which can not be replaced by all health care products. The simple use of health care products can not guarantee the balanced nutrition. It is easy to neglect the importance of taking nutrition from the normal diet and strengthening the body through food supplement when taking health care products quantitatively. From the perspective of nutrition, as long as the variety of food is diverse, the human body can get comprehensive nutrition. Therefore, it is harmful to health in the long run to replace the process of nutrition intake by all organs of the body with health products.