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NASA recruits people to eat and sleep in bed for a month

Want to make money but don't want to leave the comfortable little bed? Lazy cancer patient welfare is coming! NASA recently recruited volunteers to eat and drink in bed for a month, and the monthly salary is nearly 130000 yuan. Does it sound like she is ready to move?

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States, recently announced that it will join the European Space Agency ESA in recruiting 12 men and 12 women volunteers to participate in a two month long project. Participants need to meet the age requirements of 24 to 55 years old, speak German and be in good health. During the project, all people will be arranged to go to the German Aerospace Center and stay in bed under monitoring, but they can eat in bed, go to the toilet, read books and watch TV. The project will be officially carried out from September to December this year, and each person will eventually be paid $19000 (nearly 130000 yuan).

The participants were divided into two groups, each in a single room, with their beds tilted so that their feet were above their heads and the blood gathered in their upper body. This position blocks the flow of blood to the limbs, mimicking the situation in space. It should be noted that maintaining this position may cause numbness or muscle degeneration. One group will rotate in a centrifuge at 30 revolutions per minute, allowing blood to return to the limbs, while the other group will not be rotated, so as to study the benefits of artificial gravity on astronauts' long-term cosmic life.

Go back to Sohu to see more. This is not the first time that NASA has done similar experiments. As early as 2013, NASA recruited volunteers who could lie down and make money to carry out project research. Do you feel a little moved when you get up?