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Wang Yuan denied going through the back door. What's the matter? Introduction to the University of B

In the latest "ha ha farmer" variety show, Wang Yuan talked about the news about going into Berkeley through the back door. Wang Yuan denied going through the back door, and he didn't apply to other schools at all. I have to say that Wang Yuan is really excellent!

Wang Yuan went to Berkeley for an interview, but no one knew him. Wang Yuan applied to study in Berkeley, but he didn't invite a study abroad institution. He signed up himself. In "ha ha farmer", he denied that he had to rely on relationships when he applied for Berkeley: "do I have such a strong relationship? Can I go all the way?" he revealed that he didn't even find an overseas study institution when he applied for the exam, and he almost made a mistake by himself. When he went to the interview, foreign teachers didn't know him. "If I don't pass the exam, there won't be any if," said Xiaoyuan, who didn't report for all the drama in Nortel

Wang Yuan also mentioned that going to Berkeley may take about two years to retire, and maybe fans will forget it. But Wang Yuan also said that going to Berkeley will regret it for a year or two, and not going will regret it for a lifetime.

Wang Junkai and Yi Guan Qianxi, who are in the same group with Wang Yuan, have gradually developed into the actor industry. They are now studying in the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of drama respectively. If the actor's road goes smoothly, they should rarely see their music works in the future.

Wang Yuan denied what happened by the back door

After Wang Yuan was admitted to Berkeley, a world-famous Conservatory of music, and became Wang Leehom's younger brother, there was a saying on the Internet that Wang Yuan went through the back door. However, Wang Yuan denied in the program that he went into Berkeley through the back door. He signed up and interviewed on his own, and the teachers didn't know him during the interview. Wang Yuan's attitude towards music is also very good. Previously, he also said in the program that he hopes to learn more about music when signing up for Berkeley, and he doesn't want to hear slobber songs any more, hoping to make more classic songs.

Wang Yuan applied for the Berkeley Conservatory of music. When he applied, he only chose this school. He didn't apply for Chinese opera or Nortel. According to Wang Yuan, this is a backwater battle. Berkeley Conservatory of music is one of the top modern conservatory of music in the United States. Its famous alumni include Wang Leehom, Yu Wenwen, Li Enzhen, uncle bird, park Chun, Liu Xianhua and mark Petrie. They have raised many Grammy award-winning talents.

University of Berkeley

Berkeley Conservatory of music is the top modern conservatory of music in the United States, located in Boston. Berkeley Conservatory of music was founded in 1945 by Professor Lauren Burke, who teaches piano and composition at MIT. At 5:00 p.m. local time on January 20, 2016, Berkeley Conservatory of music and Boston Conservatory of music officially announced the merger and held a signing ceremony at the performance center of Berkeley Conservatory of music. The two schools were formally merged in June 2016. The name of the merged school is Berkeley Conservatory of music, and the original Boston Conservatory of music was renamed the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. After the merger, the two schools will share teaching resources, but remain relatively independent in enrollment and subject management, so as to give full play to their respective advantages in pop music and classical music.