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What are the differences between name change and ownership transfer? Introduction to the difference

Now people's living standards continue to improve, buyers for housing demand is also higher and higher, especially when it comes to the issue of real estate transfer, so what is the difference between renaming and transfer? The following small make-up with you to understand the difference between real estate change name and transfer.

What are the differences between renaming and ownership transfer? 1. Renaming: it is the operation at the level of developers. At this time, the real estate is not available, and the buyers only have the commercial housing sales contract, without formal property rights. At this time, the developer will take back the original contract and sign a new contract with the buyer with your name (plus the name you want to add). At this time, the developer will charge you a fee for renaming, and then the developer will inform you to apply for the house.

2. In the case of no real estate, changing the current owner of the transferred real estate to another or more people's names through the formal commercial housing sales contract signed by the developer, so that other people become the owner of the real estate is changing the real estate name. The real estate name change procedure is through the developer, not the real estate transaction!

3. Transfer: that is, the property right certificate of the house has come down. If you want to change your name on the property right certificate, you must go to the transaction designated by the housing authority to transfer the ownership. Of course, you must pay certain taxes at this time. It is a process of changing the original property owner of the transferred property to the property owner of the cash buyer, which is called transfer of ownership. Transfer is through real estate transactions for legal!