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Can wechat like be hidden? How much do you know about wechat hiding tips

Can wechat like be hidden? How much do you know about wechat hiding tips? What kind of function is this? Let me introduce you.

Wechat confidant is a plug-in to protect the security of wechat chat. Just like the nature of private SMS, it can hide the private contact chat of wechat through encryption. It is a very powerful tool. Let's see the details below:

After clicking 'wechat confidant', you need to install relevant plug-ins to be able to use it normally. The personal password entered by wechat confidant is consistent with the password of private space, please pay attention~

Today, let's try the first main function, wechat confidant.

After going in, we can set to hide the chat records of wechat friends.

Turn on the wechat confidant switch, and then click the 'confidant message notification' switch below according to personal needs.

Then we can click 'add close friend' to directly select the chat records of close friends to be hidden in the contact list of wechat. I randomly added two. Pay attention to the prompt in gray font in the figure above: "how to display hidden close friends: just enter the password in the search box of wechat chat record list window.".

Let's go to wechat to see if it's OK:

In the chat record list 'search' directly enter the password of the private space, such as' 0000 'will immediately appear the hidden contact chat record, there is also a' hidden 'button on it, you can quickly hide the contact again after clicking, which is very convenient.

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