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Which people is Bazhen soup suitable for? What are the effects and contraindications of Bazhen decoc

Bazhen soup, I believe many people know this kind of soup through TV series. In fact, there is this kind of soup in reality. It is a soup made of eight kinds of medicinal materials. It has many functions and effects. Today, I'd like to introduce Bazhen soup to you? What are the effects and contraindications of Bazhen decoction?

efficacy and effect of Bazhen Decoction:

First, invigorate the stomach and eliminate food. Bazhen decoction itself is made from eight kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, and the Poria cocos and dangshen contained in these traditional Chinese medicine can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the speed of digestion. Therefore, often drink Bazhen soup can effectively enhance people's digestive ability.

Second, invigorating qi and blood. Among the raw materials of Bazhen decoction, Angelica sinensis and Rehmannia glutinosa are worthy of the blood tonic. With the assistance of other six traditional Chinese medicines, Bazhen decoction can effectively help the human body recover Qi and blood, replenish qi and nourish kidney. It is especially suitable for those who are weak due to surgery, or those who have been weak since childhood.

Third, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Chuanxiong and Danggui, the raw materials of Bazhen decoction, can effectively help the human body to relieve pain, and also help the human body to resolve blood stasis in the deep of the body.

Fourth, be calm. Drink a bowl of Bazhen soup before going to bed, can effectively help the human body stable stealth, faster into sleep, improve sleep quality.

taboo group of Bazhen Decoction:

First, the spleen and stomach function itself is not good. People with good spleen and stomach function drink Bazhen Decoction to enhance the function of spleen and stomach. On the contrary, people with a bad spleen and stomach drink Bazhen decoction, which is equivalent to drinking 'poison', and will further reduce the health of the spleen and stomach.

Second, people with colds. When you have a cold, your body's organs are relatively weak. Drinking Bazhen soup at this time can easily cause discomfort in various organs, aggravate the cold, or cause other problems.

Third, women with menstruation. Menstruation when drinking, it is easy to increase the amount of bleeding, or even blood collapse!

What are the taboos of Bazhen soup?

First, don't eat it for a long time. The eight herbs of Bazhen decoction are hot herbs, so drinking Bazhen decoction for a long time can easily lead to excessive liver fire, causing irreversible damage to the liver. Second, don't add herbs indiscriminately. Bazhen decoction itself has enough herbs. It's good to balance. If you add other herbs randomly, it's easy to break the balance and turn tonic into 'poison'! Third, don't drink too much at a time. Bazhen soup is not the more you drink, the better for your health. Everyone has the right amount for everyone.