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TenPay was cheated. What are the solutions?

TenPay is a commonly used online trading platform for us. After all, online trading still has risks, so many people are cheated on TenPay. Then, if they are cheated on TenPay, what should we do?

Xiaobian will introduce caifutong to you first. TenPay is a professional online payment platform officially launched by Tencent in September 2005. Its core business is to help both parties of transactions on the Internet complete the payment and collection transaction platform. It is committed to providing users and enterprises with more secure, convenient and professional online payment services on the Internet.

After registering with TenPay, individual users can easily shop on more than 200000 shopping websites. TenPay supports online banking payment of major banks across the country. Users can also recharge to TenPay first to enjoy a more convenient TenPay balance payment experience.

TenPay only supports QQ credit cards of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Everbright Bank, Bank of communications and industrial bank. At the same time, Cai Fu Tong and pat net, Tencent QQ have a good integration, according to the amount of transactions to calculate, Fu Tong Tong ranked second, the share of 20%, second only to Alipay. Sometimes we need to use TenPay to trade, so we need to have the following knowledge:

First of all, we should be prepared psychologically. We make direct payments and transfers to QQ friends on TenPay, which are all real-time and cannot be revoked, so we should first prepare for the psychological preparation that money cannot be recovered. Then you can report the QQ account. You can try to report the QQ friend. In the QQ chat dialog box, click the small triangle button in the lower right corner of 'application', and select 'report' in the drop-down list. In the open 'report' interface, select 'the account is cheating and cheating', fill in the relevant information, and submit it.

We will make money transactions with strangers or friends in the future. We must think twice as much as possible, pay by transfer carefully, and do not disclose personal privacy. Finally, the editor reminds us that we need to be careful when using TenPay!