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Rongchuangye performance conference, 2018 annual performance release! Sun Hongbin said benefit is mo

On March 29, rongchuang China held the annual performance conference of 2018 in Hong Kong. Sun Hongbin, chairman and executive director of the company, Wang mengde, executive director and CEO, Cao Hongling, chief financial officer and CEO, and Gao Xi, secretary and vice president of the company, attended the conference. Sun Hongbin said that efficiency is more important than scale.

Regarding the judgment of the real estate market this year, sun Hongbin responded that it is unlikely that the real estate market will be greatly relaxed in 2019, and rongchuang should be more careful. The sales target for 2019 is 550 billion yuan.

Gao Xi said at the performance meeting that in terms of land acquisition strategy, he will fully judge market opportunities, adhere to relatively high land acquisition standards, and select high-end land that can meet our needs among the first and second tier core cities.

In terms of new business, we will continue to strictly restrict the investment in new business, focusing on improving the existing profitability and competitive advantage of non real estate industry, hoping to cultivate new growth points in the future. Guangzhou, Wuxi and Kunming will open in 2019.

He said that the core business of rongchuang in the future is real estate development, which will further strengthen the advantages of real estate development business and maintain and enhance the leading position in the industry.