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What's the matter with Xie Na's blocking Zhang Bichen? Xie Na personally refutes the rumor to prove

Xie Na has always been the 'too much' in many people's minds, but recently it came out such a topic: Xie Na blocked Zhang Bichen? They interacted late at night to clarify the rumor, Xie Na self mocked and responded: I'm so powerful! What's the matter? Let's follow Xiaobian to understand the whole story.

On the evening of the 27th, Xie Na revealed her chat record with singer Zhang Bichen. In this chat record, we can see that Zhang Bichen and Xie Na have a very good relationship. Zhang Bichen said: I'm just going abroad for a holiday, and the marketing number says that you have blocked me! And Xie na also made a self mocking response: I'm so powerful! From this interaction, we can see the relationship between Xie Na and Zhang Bichen There is no such thing as a ban. On the contrary, the relationship is still very good. This can be seen from Zhang Bichen's last words: come back to see the second younger brother first, and then you and your two daughters! The second younger brother believes that everyone knows it's Zhao Liying. It seems that the relationship between the three people is really iron!

It's just a good idea. How to mention the topic of banning? In fact, netizens who know about it believe that they should have heard about it. Some time ago, there was a big man who disclosed that Zhang Jie cheated on Zhang Bichen during Xie Na's pregnancy. Although no one mentioned his name in the disclosure, netizens knew it was Zhang Bichen. No one had ever sung the song 'hot', but someone had sung 'cool' This song! And the people who sang the song "cool" are Yang Zongwei and Zhang Bichen!

What's more, the disclosure also gives people a kind of credibility, saying that the hostess's husband was caught by the hostess when he was with the female singer, and threatened to kill the female singer on the spot, so for as long as five months, the female singer never showed up!

This time, Xie Na's clarification also allowed Zhang Bichen's rumor of being blocked to be broken without attack. In fact, Zhang Bichen disappeared from the public view for a period of time. She just took a vacation and went to travel abroad. Later, when she finished her vacation, she would start to work again. Look forward to Zhang Bichen later can bring us some new songs!

Because of this, many netizens also took Zhang Jie, Xie Na and Zhang Bichen by their numbers, and at that time, many people had discussed such things. That's why Xie Na and Zhang Bichen suddenly mentioned the topic of 'ban'! In fact, in Xiamei's opinion, the gossip about Zhang Jie and Xie Na is OK. After all, most of them are not real, but made up by others! After all, the relationship between Zhang Jie and Xie Na is obvious to all!