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How to clean the keyboard? How to clean the dust on the keyboard safely

Nowadays, computers are more and more useful. They are not only tools for our work, but also tools for our entertainment and leisure. Watching movies and playing games have become the important work of computers. Many people like to eat or smoke in front of the computer, which actually has a great impact on the keyboard. So how to safely remove the dust on the keyboard? Next, let's take a look at the computer keyboard cleaning method.

How to clean the dust on the keyboard safely

1. Tap the keyboard

Turn off the computer and remove the keyboard from the computer. Put a newspaper on the table, turn the keyboard down, about 10 cm away from the table, beat and shake it. You will find that there are many 'stocks' falling out of the keyboard: in addition to dust, there are biscuit crumbs, coffee crumbs, rubber crumbs, hair and so on.

2. Blow out the debris

Use the hair dryer to blow at the gap on the keyboard keys to blow away the attached debris, and then turn the keyboard down again and shake it.

How to clean the dust on the keyboard safely

3. Scrub the surface

Some people are used to using a wet cloth to scrub the keyboard. They think it's also very clean. It seems that there is no need to use a special computer cleaner.

However, although the wet rag can remove some stains and viruses from the keyboard, most of the viruses will remain on the keyboard and continue to endanger the health of computer users. At the same time, the moisture in the wet cloth is likely to penetrate into the cracks of the keyboard under the pressure of the scrubber, causing oxidation or rust of keyboard parts.

The advantage of using a computer specific detergent is that the way of foam cleaning will not scratch the surface of computer, nor will it penetrate the internal protective layer of the keyboard, and it will kill viruses and bacteria completely and protect the health of human body. How to clean the dust on the keyboard safely

4. Disinfection

After the keyboard is cleaned, you may as well dip it in alcohol, disinfectant or medicinal hydrogen peroxide for disinfection. Finally, dry the surface of the keyboard with a dry cloth. In addition, if alcohol is used to "care" the computer, it is likely to corrode the protective layer on the keyboard surface and reduce its sensitivity at the same time of anti-virus and sterilization.

5. Clean thoroughly

If you want to give the keyboard a thorough cleaning, you have to remove the cap of each key. The key cap part of ordinary keyboard is detachable. You can pry them off with a small screwdriver or ear scoop, and proceed one by one from the corner part of the keyboard area to the middle part. The larger key caps such as the space bar and enter key are difficult to return to the original position, so try not to remove them. In order to avoid forgetting the position of these button caps, it is best to take a picture of the keyboard layout or draw a sketch with a camera first. After removing the button cap, you can soak it in detergent or disinfectant solution, and carefully scrub the keyboard base with flannelette or disinfectant paper towel.