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Will laser freckle rebound after? How to care after laser freckle removal

Laser freckle will rebound? Although in Europe and the United States spots are regarded as a symbol of beauty, but in China a white face is the right way, so many people with spots on the face, they will choose to go to the hospital laser freckle, so laser freckle will rebound?

Will laser freckle rebound

This depends on many aspects, laser freckle will rebound in addition to their own constitution, but also with the acquired care.

In the medical beauty industry, laser has many uses. It can effectively and quickly remove all kinds of chloasma, sunburn, freckles, etc. on the face. As long as the spots are caused by the day after tomorrow, they can be effectively removed, and it also has the effect of rejuvenating the skin, so it is also a beauty method of killing two birds with one stone.

But if the laser freckle, no good care, still no scruples in the sun after surgery, eat some dark food, let melanin pile up again, then it is likely that the spots will rebound again. If after the laser freckle, they are careful everywhere, extra care, diet light, then it is likely to be a lifetime will not rebound.

Nursing after laser freckle removal:

1. Don't wash your face within 8 hours after laser freckle removal, because the skin is very fragile at this time, which can effectively prevent infection.

2. In the three days after freckle removal, it is likely that there will be wound scab at the freckle removal place. Remember not to button it off with your hand, just let it fall off naturally. Generally, the time cycle of natural fall off is 8 to 10 days.

3. Daily supplement of vitamin C, because vitamin C can effectively promote the metabolism of melanin, so that melanin can be metabolized without accumulation.

4. When you go out, you must protect yourself from the sun. If the sun is not too strong, you can use a low degree sunscreen. Of course, you can also take an umbrella. At least in the freckle after a few months are not naked sun.

What's the best to eat after laser freckle removal

Just remember to eat more foods that are good for your skin. For example, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in substances that are good for your skin, especially those with high vitamin C content. In addition, you can often eat porridge, yam and coix seed, which are good for your skin.

Pay attention to light diet, avoid greasy and spicy. For example, some dark sauces, such as soy sauce and pepper, must be avoided.