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What about Trojans in the website? Teach you fast and effective ways

Website being hacked or Trojan horse is a common problem that many users pay more attention to. Because users will automatically download viruses or trojans when visiting the website, if there is anti-virus software, there will be relevant tips. So, if the website Trojan horse how to do? Let me give you a brief introduction.

When we find that the website is invaded, unless we can identify all the Trojan files contained in it, we will delete all the files. Before you need to upload the file again, all script user names and passwords need to be reset. We also need to change the name of the program database, the path when it is stored, and the path of the background management program.

We also need to learn some preventive measures to prevent the website background from identity authentication when calling the script upload program, and only allow trusted people to use the upload program, as long as the script that can upload files needs identity authentication. The user name and password of the website backstage script administrator must not be too simple, and need to have certain complexity, of course, they should also be changed regularly.

When downloading a website template, you must download it to a regular website. After downloading, you must modify its database name and storage path, and the database file name must also be complex. We should try our best to keep the latest version of the program we are using, and remember not to add the link of the login page of the background management program to the web page. In daily life, we should also maintain the website and pay attention to whether there are script files of unknown origin in the website space. If found, we must make effective treatment in time.

With the above website Trojan solutions and preventive measures, the website is relatively safe, but we must not neglect, because trojan virus will not inform us that it is coming.