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The price of little blue bike rises! It costs 1 yuan to ride for 15 minutes. Do you still ride

With the collapse of ofo and the acquisition of Mobai, the popularity of bike sharing has passed. Xiaolan bicycle is regarded as the third largest shared bicycle after ofo and Mobai. In early 2018, it cooperated with didi travel and reached a bicycle business trusteeship cooperation. Now it's announced that the price of little blue bike will rise! It costs one yuan to ride for 15 minutes. Do you still ride?

at present, the starting price of Xiaolan bicycle has been raised, from the original 30 minutes of 1 yuan to 15 minutes of 1 yuan, after exceeding, it will be 0.5 yuan every 15 minutes.

This means that users can pay up to 1.5 yuan for half an hour and 2.5 yuan for less than one hour, which is a little more expensive than other bike sharing. In contrast, Mobai costs 1 yuan for 30 minutes and 2 yuan for 1 hour; ofo costs 1 yuan for 1 hour.

Charging rules of Xiaolan bicycle:

Nowadays, the number of bike sharing is obviously less than before. Do you still ride bike sharing when you go to work or go out? How long has the bike sharing app not been opened.