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What's spring vacation like in a university in Sichuan? What does a college in Sichuan do for spring

What's spring break in a university in Sichuan? What's spring break for a university in Sichuan.

What's spring vacation for a university in Sichuan? What's spring vacation for a university in Sichuan

Have you heard of summer vacation, winter vacation and spring vacation? On March 28, Sichuan southwest aviation vocational college issued the "notice on Pan American spring vacation" to arrange all teachers and students to have six days of spring vacation (including Qingming holiday) from April 1 to 6, and go to work normally on March 30 (Saturday) and March 31 (Sunday). The notice also requires all colleges and universities of Pan American education group to arrange corresponding homework and social practice activities for all teachers and students around the theme of spring vacation, and organize spring vacation homework exhibition after returning to school.

The theme of spring vacation of Sichuan southwest aviation vocational college is' to enjoy flowers and love '. According to the leaders of the college, the purpose of their spring vacation is to hope that students can go out of the dormitory, out of the classroom, out of the campus, to contact more nature, to know more people, to make more friends, and to feel the beauty of spring and love.

'the students in our school are very young and young. At this time, we should let them feel the vitality of nature and the prosperity of life. Wei Quanbin, leader of Sichuan southwest aviation vocational college, said that in recent years, school leaders have realized the importance of emotional education, but it is difficult to break through the bottleneck of emotional education. Secondly, it is the season of spring, so we should let the students go out of school and have a look at the green water and green mountains.

What's spring vacation for a university in Sichuan? What's spring vacation for a university in Sichuan

'I want to start with education and University, and gradually popularize the spring vacation. Wei Quanbin believes that the holidays should be appropriately adjusted so that teachers and students can have a concentrated rest time without affecting the normal curriculum. Therefore, according to the relevant national documents and combined with the school's own situation, we adjusted the holiday and made an attempt to take spring vacation. '

Wei Quanbin said that when the school teachers learned of the news of the spring break, they were very happy and agreed with the school's practice. "The teachers and students were very happy. It was also a kind of welfare for teachers and students. Let them enjoy the flowers and fall in love, and advocate the popularization of spring break. '

For students who can not go home or have no travel plans, the school has prepared a free Raider for Chengdu teachers and students in the official account. They can eat and live in school, but they must go out to feel the breath of spring. "I'm so glad to take off when I just heard this news. It's so international! Spring vacation can give us time to slow down and feel the breath of spring. Liu Chengxi, a student majoring in civil aviation safety management technology, said that the decision of the school must be taken seriously.