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What are the ways to renew mobile app automatically? Mobile app auto renewal routine

Nowadays, everyone can't do without a mobile phone, but we have to download some apps when we use a mobile phone. There are some apps that need to be charged for opening, but they are often automatically renewed by default without our knowledge. Recently, CCTV exposed the automatic renewal routine, so how huge benefits are hidden behind the automatic renewal of mobile app?

What are the mobile app auto renewal routines

Now, a lot of expenses people generate on mobile phones may be membership fees for various apps. In order to earn users' membership fees, many apps have 'implicit' automatic renewal rules, commonly known as routines. And these routines have been publicly criticized, so many people must have been criticized!

Today, CCTV has exposed some problems of automatic renewal. The so-called automatic renewal means that when using some paid apps or using some mobile app members, there will be an authorization to renew and recharge automatically after expiration. This way facilitates the operation of some users, but brings other users into the pit.

According to reports, with the cooperation of a mobile security department, CCTV downloaded 50 popular payment software, and found that more than 70% of them have automatic renewal function, and some of them are suspected of cheating users to renew automatically.

What are the mobile app auto renewal routines

One of these routines is that 'automatic renewal' becomes the default option. For example, when purchasing a video VIP, the system will check 'automatic renewal', and the relevant font is very small and the color is similar to the background, so it is difficult for users to find it if they don't read it carefully.

The second routine is to automatically join the continuous monthly plan agreement under the guise of free trial and one cent experience for 30 days. As long as users download and use it, they agree to the terms of the agreement. Through the above two routines, many users are trapped in the pit of renewal.

Therefore, when we download and use some apps, we must see clearly the opening agreement, otherwise we will be fooled by the routine!