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All very good. What are the constellations of Su Daqiang's family? Analysis of Su Daqiang constellat

The recent hit TV series "all very good", presumably no one does not know, the Su family each character is bright, full of characters. So what are the constellations of the Su family in "all very good"? Let's get to know them.

What's the zodiac sign of the Su family

1. Su Daqiang

Su Daqiang is a very selfish person in the play. Every day he thinks about it, his character is very changeable. It's just like the weather in summer. The first second is blue sky and white clouds, the next second is storm and thunderstorm. So Su Daqiang's changeable personality is more inclined to Gemini, who has many ideas and fast changing emotions. In line with Su Daqiang's personal design.

2. Su Mingzhe

Su Mingzhe is a very filial person, even to the point of foolish filial piety. No matter what Su Daqiang said, he must follow him, which is also a factor that leads Su Daqiang to make mistakes. So Su Mingzhe's character is more like Pisces, gentle personality, peace loving, always hope a family can be round, indulge his father. What's the zodiac sign of the Su family

3. Su Mingcheng

Su Mingcheng is very impulsive and easy to conflict with people, so he must be a fire sign, most like Aries. Good face, afraid of being misunderstood, at the same time, it is also very loyal. The biggest character feature is impulsive, so he often has physical conflicts with people, and was teased by netizens that Guo Jingfei took the martial arts drama script. But his wife Julie is obedient, very in line with the Aries people set, love a person will be super good to her~

4. Su Mingyu

Su Mingyu's personality characteristics are very obvious, that is, a lion woman. She is tough and has a strong self-esteem. She is also very loyal. She does good deeds behind her back, but she is very proud in front of others. She always shows up in full swing and never shows her vulnerable side. This is the pride of being a lioness. But in love, she can also be a girl in love, completely forget her identity as a strong woman.