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How can WeChat change to Alipay? WeChat change to Alipay tutorial

How to change WeChat's money to Alipay has always been what many users want to know. Today, Xiaobian will introduce WeChat's change to Alipay. Want to know friends and small make up to see together!

WeChat change to Alipay's operation course:

First of all, we want to make sure that our WeChat has small change and has a binding bank card, and the bank card also binds Alipay at the same time. Only in this way can WeChat transfer to Alipay.

If the bank card has not been bound to wechat, you can click the experience below.

After meeting the above conditions, we open wechat on the mobile phone. Before opening, we need to update wechat to the latest version to experience the latest functions.

WeChat change to Alipay's operation course

After entering wechat, we click 'I' in the navigation bar below. After entering my page, we click the 'wallet' button.

After entering the wallet, we can enter my wallet page, and we can see the amount of change in our WeChat. If we want to transfer this to Alipay, we need to make sure that we have money in our pocket money. If there is no money, of course, it can not be transferred.

WeChat change to Alipay's operation course

After clicking, we will click 'withdrawal' to enter the steps of wechat change withdrawal.

How to withdraw cash later, please refer to the experience below.

After the successful withdrawal, within a certain period of time, the change will be transferred into our bound bank card.

The next step is to operate in Alipay.

WeChat change to Alipay's operation course

We open Alipay mobile phone, enter my page, and then click 'balance treasure'.

When we enter the balance treasure page, we click on the below 'turn in', then choose the bank card that we bind in WeChat, then we can indirectly change the change in WeChat to Alipay!

The above is the small batch of WeChat change to Alipay method, I hope to help you!