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How can loquat be preserved? Can loquat be stored in the refrigerator

Loquat is a fruit on the market in spring. Many people love its sweet taste. Can loquat be put in the refrigerator? How can loquat be preserved? In fact, loquat is a very good fruit.

Can I put loquat in the refrigerator? It is not recommended to put it in the refrigerator. The temperature in the refrigerator is relatively low, which will make loquat frostbite and turn black. It is recommended to store it in a ventilated place at normal temperature.

If there is too much moisture in the refrigerator, the loquat can not be put in the refrigerator, because it will go dark.

The temperature in the freezer is relatively low, generally around minus 30 degrees. If loquat fruit is put in the freezer, it will cause frostbite and nutrient loss. Moreover, the taste of loquat fruit after thawing is not very good. Therefore, loquat should not be frozen in the refrigerator.

How to keep loquat for a long time

Dig a soil ditch in a cool and dry place, about 10 m long, 0.9 m deep and 0.9 m wide, spread 20-30 cm thick clean fine sand, and then put it into a wooden box or bamboo box containing loquat, each box weighs 15 kg. It can be stored for about one month by setting up a herringbone bracket on the ditch and keeping the temperature below 20 ℃ and relative humidity between 80-85%.

2. Pine needle method

First, spread the fresh and clean pine needles on the dry ground or floor, and then spread the loquat fruit on the pine needles. This method is simple and convenient, and can be used for short-term storage.

3. Jar method

Put the intact fruit in the wine jar or small VAT. Lay straw on the bottom of the jar and cover it with sack or bamboo curtain. It can also be stored for about 20 days.

4. Hoard

Before storage, use 40% formalin fumigation cellar and utensils to kill pathogenic bacteria, or use sulfur powder (20g / m3) to sterilize, put the bamboo basket containing loquat into perforated plastic bags, and store in 'pin' shape. There should be a certain gap between stacks, between stacks and walls, and between four walls. It can be stored for about 25 days.

5. Simple controlled atmosphere storage

After pre harvest treatment, the fruits were stored in a ventilated place for two days to remove the heat in the field. Then, it was packed with 0.02mm thick PE bag (polyethylene film bag), put it into the bamboo basket or bamboo basket, and then covered with a polyethylene film bag. Eight round holes with a diameter of 1.5cm were made on the bag, and the bag mouth was tied tightly for storage. This method combined with cold storage can be stored for more than 3 months.