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What is Su Daqiang's pouch? No bags under the eyes

Recently, actor Ni Dahong played Su Daqiang, Su's father, in the new play "everything is very good", which made a bad impression on the audience. Xiaobian now think of Su Daqiang, can think of Ni Dahong teacher face the most obvious feature: pouch. Without bags under his eyes, Su Daqiang is just like Wu Yanzu. He can also rely on his appearance to eat.

on March 21, "the influence of eye bags on a person" was on the hot search. The first reaction of Xiaobian was teacher Ni Dahong's face. As it turns out, I don't know if Xiaobian has this idea, which is the voice of the majority of netizens. This hot search is full of netizens lamenting that Su Daqiang has no bags under his eyes.

Recently, a netizen P figure removed Su Daqiang's bags under the eyes, promoted the law lines, and directly made his face soar. P finished pouch Su Daqiang can also take the idol route, ha ha ha

Some netizens also said: if Su taiqiang's bags under his eyes are removed, he will become Wu Yanzu immediately.

There are netizens specializing in the production of Su Da forced to cut bags under the eyes of the expression pack

After removing the bags under the eyes, Su Daqiang looked at whether the whole person was more sober and less hateful. What do you think? Then, what are bags under the eyes and how to prevent them?

Pouch is a piece of adipose tissue under the eyelid. If the eyes are too tired because of staying up late or using the eyes excessively, the pouch will be filled with liquid or aggravate the expansion of adipose tissue, making the pouch swollen. Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep, to prevent eye fatigue, is the key to prevent pouch.