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What to do after lamivudine resistance? Take a look at the following methods

When it comes to lamivudine resistance, readers and friends will think of hepatitis B. yes, lamivudine is an anti HBV drug. Generally speaking, patients and friends who have taken lamivudine know that the antiviral effect of lamivudine is very good, so many patients and friends will choose lamivudine, but patients and friends who have taken lamivudine for a period of time will inevitably have drug resistance What's more, today's editor will tell you what to do after lamivudine resistance.

First of all, lamivudine resistance is a very common phenomenon, you can not worry so much. Many patients' friends usually choose some methods blindly after lamivudine resistance occurs. Many friends will choose to discontinue the medication in case of drug resistance, but you may not know that if you stop the medication at will, it may cause your relapse or even more serious consequences.

Well, the previous editor said so much, and then it's the focus of today's news. Patients and friends can not rush to change their own medicine after encountering lamivudine resistance. You can go to the hospital to consult a doctor and ask the doctor to recommend a drug similar to lamivudine. Note that it has the same antiviral effect as lamivudine. There is usually adefovir in China. You may have heard about tenofovir, but you can't buy it in China Here.

Of course, if you are not sure if you have drug resistance, you can go to the hospital for a test, usually DNA test. If you find that the number of your own virus does not decrease compared with the previous one, it means that your lamivudine has started to be drug-resistant. Please note that if you have nausea, it is not drug-resistant Performance, if you feel uneasy, you can go to the hospital for reexamination.