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What are the fees of real estate agents? What is the general way to pay for real estate agency fees

No matter whether we buy a house or rent a house through an intermediary real estate company, the intermediary can get a certain reward, so what are the expenses of the real estate intermediary? What is the general way to pay for real estate agency fees? Let's have a look.

real estate agency fees are generally paid in the following ways:

1、 Real estate consulting service

1. Oral consultation fee

The fee for oral consultation shall be determined by both parties through consultation according to the time required for the consultation service and the professional and technical level of the consultants.

2. Written consultation fee

The written consultation fee shall be calculated and charged according to the technical difficulty, work complexity and subject amount of the consultation report.

For general consultation report, the fee is 300-1000 yuan per report; for consultation report with great technical difficulty, complicated situation, and consuming more personnel and time, the fee standard can be appropriately raised, and the maximum fee standard shall not exceed 0.5% of the amount of consultation subject.

2、 Real estate brokerage services

1. No matter how long the lease term is, the agency fee for house leasing shall be charged at one time according to the standard of half to one month's transaction rent.

2. Housing sales agency fees, according to the transaction price of 0.5-2.5% of the total charge.

3. In case of sole agency, the fee standard can be appropriately increased through negotiation between the client and the real estate agency, but the maximum fee shall not exceed 3% of the transaction price.

Extended information:

Detailed rules for the collection of real estate agency fees:

1、 The real estate intermediary service fee shall be collected by the real estate intermediary service agency according to the charging standard, and the invoice shall be issued, and the tax shall be paid according to law.

2、 The real estate intermediary service charges shall be subject to the system of marked price. The intermediary service agency shall prominently announce its charging items, service contents, charging methods, charging standards and other matters in its business premises or payment places.

3、 Real estate intermediary service intermediary fee is generally charged by a third party, such as intermediary company, intermediary, independent broker.

4、 Real estate intermediary service intermediary fee is generally a one-time charge, customers need to pay attention to the invoice.