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How much does the vivo x27 cost

On March 19, vivo will launch the new x27 in Sanya, Hainan. At that time, we will see this brand new camera artifact of 'let the beauty go further'. As in the past, as a much anticipated new machine, vivo x27 was exposed a lot of information before it was officially released, including rumors and official announcements. What about the configuration of vivo x27? Is it worth buying? Let's study with Xiaobian.


In "happy camp", you can often see the figure of vivo mobile phone. As a national variety show, this program not only brings you joy, but also exposes many unpublished vivo new machines in advance.

In the "happy camp" broadcast in early March, vivo x27 appeared early. This program not only promoted the vivo x27, but also exposed the appearance and photo taking function of the new machine. It can be seen from the program screen that vivo x27 focuses on AI photography, and adopts the lift type forward photography and extreme full screen design similar to vivo nex flagship mobile phone.

With its early appearance on happy camp, it has become an established fact that vivo x27 will be released soon. Sure enough, within a few days after that, vivo officially announced the model.

Confirm release time

On March 7, vivo official micro officially announced that it would release the vivo x27 Series in Sanya on March 19, and revealed that vivo x27 would adopt 48 million wide-angle night view three shots. Although the official announcement is concise, it is clear. After careful consideration, there will be at least two models of vivo x27 series to be released at that time, and the 48 million wide-angle night scene three camera is to convey to you: vivo x27 will use 48 million pixels three camera to provide excellent night shooting experience.

In addition, vivo also released a rendering of vivo x27. Due to the use of lift camera, vivo x27 full screen accounts for a large proportion of the screen, which is expected to provide a better screen appearance. The feather like design style on the back is fashionable, avant-garde and has a strong sense of technology.

Configuration information appears

After the official announcement, more and more information has been revealed by professional running agencies and shops, which is also more specific. For example, Master Lu gave the score of vivo x27 in the first time. According to the data, vivo x27 is equipped with snapdragon 710 processor, with a resolution of 2340 & times; 1080 and a screen ratio of 19.5:9. At the same time, it has 8GB large memory and Android 9.0 System. The total score of Master Lu's performance evaluation is as high as 206631, reaching the level of medium and high-end mobile phones. The CPU score is as high as 87086, and the GPU score is as high as 55235.

Master Lu data

In terms of photographing, it is said that vivo x27 is equipped with a rear 48 megapixel wide-angle night scene three camera, consisting of a 48 megapixel main camera, a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and a 5 megapixel depth of field camera.

The real opportunity is coming

If you have a few pieces of paper, you can always tell the truth. After the official announcement and running points were announced one after another, the real machine of vivo x27 also appeared on Weibo.

Vivo x27

Combined with the real picture, the proportion of the front screen of vivo x27 in this blue fuselage is very high, and the front camera can't be seen. The top left corner of the back of the mobile phone is equipped with vertical three camera. From the top, the camera realizes the self timer function, similar to vivo nex.

Two star endorsement

As a mainstream mobile phone manufacturer, vivo has been using the mode of spokesperson publicity. The upcoming vivo x27 series also continues the past habit, with Lu Han and Liu Wen as spokesmen. At the same time, vivo x27 series will include two mobile phones, vivo x27 and vivo x27 pro, both of which use the same zero bound full screen as vivo nex, with screen sizes of 6.39 inches and 6.7 inches respectively, accounting for up to 91.6%.

Open appointment

After a series of official revelations, the official website of vivo officially opened the reservation channel of vivo x27. In addition to disclosing that the colors of bird feather blue and pink gold will be available, the official also decrypted the secret of L vivo x27 light on March 12, the secret of vivo x27 image on March 13 and the secret of vivo x27 configuration on March 14, revealing that the mobile phone has been comprehensively improved in design, photography and performance.