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How about changing five risks into four risks

It is said that the five insurances have become the four insurances. Many friends are worried that their welfare will be reduced. But in fact, the change from five insurance to four insurance is only that the maternity insurance is incorporated into the medical insurance, so the treatment has not changed. The official should also explain this!

How about changing five risks into four risks

The general office of the State Council yesterday announced the "opinions on comprehensively promoting the implementation of the merger of maternity insurance and basic medical insurance for employees" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). The maternity insurance fund is incorporated into the basic medical insurance fund for employees, with unified collection and payment and the same level of overall planning. This also means that the implementation of the combination of maternity insurance and basic medical insurance started in 2016 was officially implemented after the pilot.

Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the State Medical Security Bureau, said that after the merger of the two insurances, the treatment of maternity insurance will not change at all. Moreover, it will not increase the difficulty of small and micro enterprises to participate in the insurance, on the contrary, it simplifies the insurance process and eliminates policy obstacles. According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of human resources and social security, the merger is conducive to improving the mutual aid ability of social insurance funds, better enhancing the maternity insurance security function, and improving the administrative and handling service management efficiency.

From here we can see, after birth insurance merges medical insurance, individual treatment not only did not drop, still more convenient!

How about changing five risks into four risks

It is understood that after the merger of the two insurances, unified designated medical service management will be implemented. When medical insurance agencies sign relevant medical service agreements with designated medical institutions, they should add relevant requirements and indicators of reproductive medical services to the contents of the agreements, and make full use of agreement management to strengthen the monitoring of reproductive medical services.

The "opinions" put forward to promote the code of conduct of reproductive medical services. We will bring medical expenses for childbirth into the scope of medical insurance payment reform, and promote the payment of medical expenses such as hospitalization and childbirth by disease type and prenatal examination by head. In principle, medical insurance agencies and designated medical institutions should settle medical expenses directly. Make full use of medical insurance intelligent monitoring system to strengthen monitoring and auditing.

In other words, we can use the medical insurance card when we have a physical examination. It's equivalent to one card, saving a lot of reimbursement reduction process. Therefore, it is more convenient to incorporate maternity insurance into medical insurance!