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Where is the best peony in Luoyang and Heze? Why is Luoyang Peony so famous

Luoyang peony and Heze Peony have their own characteristics and strengths. Now there are many debates on the Internet about whether Luoyang peony is better or Heze peony is better. Which peony do you think is more beautiful? In fact, Luoyang peony is more of a cultural connotation, Heze Peony as a commercial means to promote.

Peony is the king of flowers, and its artificial cultivation history is more than 1500 years. The large-scale cultivation of peony in China was in the Sui Dynasty. At that time, peony was introduced into the royal gardens and the gardens of dignitaries, and the scene of centralized viewing began to appear. The cultivation of peony reached a peak in the Tang Dynasty. Liu Yuxi's famous saying "only peony is of true national color, and it moves the capital when flowers bloom" describes the spectacular scene of thousands of people enjoying flowers in Chang'an city.

The ten traditional varieties in Luoyang are yaohuang, Weizi, zhaofen, Erqiao, Luoyanghong, yuyihuang, jiuzui Yangfei, qinglongwomochi, baixueta and doulv. Among them, Yao Huang and Wei Zi are called 'huawang' and 'Huahou' respectively.

Peony is also called Luoyang flower. Heze is the hometown of peony, because most of them are planted in the fields in the countryside to sell flowers or make medicine. Luoyang is the Peony Capital, because the peonies in Luoyang are in the parks and road flower beds in the urban area, which are for people to watch, such as China National Garden, national peony garden, Shenzhou peony garden, Wangcheng Park, Sui and Tang City Heritage Park, peony Park and Xiyuan park.

Luoyang peony is very famous. Since ancient times, almost all the peony poems are about Luoyang peony. This is probably because Luoyang was the capital of many dynasties, which naturally attracted the dignitaries and literati to sing her. So Luoyang peony has a cultural foundation. Luoyang Peony Culture Festival (originally called Luoyang Peony Flower Fair) in April every year is China's intangible cultural heritage.

In Heze, it is more used as a cash crop. In fact, Heze has positioned itself as the hometown of peony for many years. The reason why Heze now publicizes itself as the capital of peony is that in recent two years, Heze always has to give itself a loud name in order to promote tourism.

To tell you the truth, Luoyang and Heze have a long history of planting. If we just say how long the flowers are, they are almost the same. The varieties are transplanted and grafted to each other. If it's spring tourism, Luoyang is better. In addition to urban construction, there are many tourist attractions in Luoyang, such as 5A Longmen Grottoes, Longtan Grand Canyon, Laojun Mountain Jiguan cave, Baiyun Mountain, 4A Baima temple, Guanlin and so on. If it is peony business, Heze's more cheaper. What month is the best time to visit peony in Luoyang?

The first flowering date of early blooming varieties in Luoyang City and its surrounding peony garden is about April 9, and the full flowering date of early blooming varieties is about April 13

In 2018 Luoyang peony flower fair, the mid blooming varieties will be in full bloom on April 11 and the mid blooming varieties will be in full bloom on April 16;

The late blooming varieties of Luoyang peony flower fair in 2018 will bloom on April 17, and the full bloom time of late blooming varieties will be around April 21.