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What's going on when a singer becomes an old Lai? CCTV's name calling criticism may be cool

It's not new that ordinary people don't pay back money, but it's rare that stars don't pay back money. Recently, singer Dazhuang has been exposed as a veteran. CCTV legal column "society and law" exposed the news that Dazhuang didn't pay back his debts. Being Lao Lai has been criticized. I wonder if it will affect his acting career in the future?

It is reported that Dazhuang went to Macao to make a living before he had a fire. Because of the business depression, he returned to Beijing again and borrowed 300000 yuan from his friend Li. According to Li, he and Dazhuang had known each other for many years, and when he saw that his friend had no money, he immediately took out the money and lent it to each other. However, after so many years, Dazhuang had been on fire and had not paid back the money.

Did Dazhuang forget? It is reported that Li had urged for money many times, but Dazhuang prevaricated with various reasons. Later, Dazhuang's mobile phone number couldn't get through, because he couldn't get in touch with people, so Li decided to appear on CCTV, hoping to make Dazhuang appear.

Netizens have been commenting on the issue of Da Zhuang Cheng Lao Lai, and some people have commented directly: "in old China, some people discriminated against artists and said that actors were unjust. This view is to the point for such Internet Celebrities. '

Many people went to Dazhuang micro blog to urge him to pay back the money. They found that his last micro blog was to wish Li Shengli a happy birthday, who has been in controversy recently. At present, this micro blog has been deleted. It seems that it is only a matter of time for Li to contact Dazhuang.

Dazhuang's history of becoming famous is very inspirational. When he was young, he was always bullied because of his short stature, so he had to rely on his cousin who mixed with society. After high school, he began to grow tall, so he got the name Dazhuang.

Dazhuang's grades were not good, so he had to enter the society early. So after graduating from high school, he went to Macao and became a stack yard boy. The good time was not long. Macao's gambling industry was declining, so Dazhuang had to return to Beijing.

Because he met MC 9th Bureau, Dazhuang's life was completely rewritten. His singing "we are not the same" was popular all over the country overnight. But as a net star, it's impossible to have only one song if you want to develop for a long time. So Dazhuang took part in the program "voice of China" and became a student of Li Jian. Although he didn't go to the end, his attention was still very high.

If he has hundreds of thousands of dollars, he can make a big comeback as soon as possible.