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What's wrong with Zhang Douxian? Reasons for Betta not renewing his contract with Zhang Daxian

What's the matter with Zhang Daxian when he doesn't renew his contract? The reason why he doesn't renew his contract? Many friends don't know. Let's take a look with Xiao Bian.

What's the matter with Zhang Daxian when Betta doesn't renew his contract

Recently, it was reported that Betta didn't renew its contract with Zhang Daxian. The reason is that this brother, who was once a penguin E-sport, was also a 10 million level anchor after he changed his job to Betta. His popularity once dropped from 3.4 million to more than 100000, but he couldn't find it on the live platform, and the official didn't explain it. So some netizens joked: "maybe it's because Zhang Daxian persuades me every time in the live broadcast Don't brush gifts, don't buy skin, offend Betta and Tencent.

Today, Zhang Daxian's live studio can't be found in the betta. Many netizens speculate that Zhang Daxian may not have reached an agreement due to the expiration of his contract, and may even change his job to another platform.

What's the matter with Zhang Daxian when Betta doesn't renew his contract

Two years ago, Zhang Daxian joined Betta and quickly became the first brother of the king's glory anchor. Even though he stopped broadcasting for more than half a month due to contract disputes at the beginning of this year, he was still very popular after he came back.

Zhang Daxian had been sued by Penguin E-sports for breaching the contract to transfer the platform. Although Zhang Daxian has also paid a large amount of liquidated damages, he was still punished and unable to broadcast live in a short time.

In the history of live broadcasting, the event that the anchor's popularity has been limited has occurred many times before, basically when the anchor's contract is about to expire. This time is no exception. Some informed players pointed out that the live broadcast contract signed by Zhang Daxian and douyu is about to expire. The purpose of douyu is to make Zhang Daxian give in.