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Can pregnant women eat Houttuynia cordata? Does pregnant woman eat Houttuynia cordata to fetal influ

We all know that Herba Houttuyniae can clear away heat, detoxify, diminish inflammation and kill bacteria, especially when there are friends with urinary tract infection or gastroenteritis, eating more Herba Houttuyniae can effectively alleviate these problems, so can pregnant women eat Herba Houttuyniae? Let's learn about it.

1、 Pregnant women can eat Houttuynia cordata


As we all know, pregnant women are a special group of people. They should be very careful in their diet and medication, because if they don't pay attention to it, it is likely to have a serious impact on the fetus and even pregnant women,

Now any medical research does not clearly show the conclusion that Houttuynia cordata can cause physical impact on pregnant women and fetus, so pregnant women can eat Houttuynia cordata, although they can eat Houttuynia cordata, does it mean they can eat it at will? Let's take a look at its precautions.

2、 Precautions for pregnant women to eat Houttuynia cordata

1. Don't eat it raw

In order to save trouble, some pregnant mothers directly wash the bought Houttuynia cordata and eat it as a dish, but they don't know that this kind of behavior is actually very dangerous, because now many Houttuynia cordata are planted artificially. If you don't clean it, there will be a lot of pesticide residues on it, so pregnant mothers still don't eat Houttuynia cordata raw. If you really want to eat it, you can chop it up and boil it into porridge take.

2. Pregnant women with cold constitution should eat less

For pregnant women with cold constitution, they should eat less Houttuynia, because it has the effect of moistening intestines and defecating. People with cold constitution are easy to cause diarrhea after taking it. Pregnant women themselves are special groups. Once diarrhea is caused, it is likely to cause uterine contraction and lead to premature birth or abortion. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women with cold constitution to eat less Houttuynia.

Houttuynia cordata in people's daily life, not only as a food, but also as a Chinese herbal medicine, not only delicious, but also very powerful, so many people like to eat, although no research has shown that Houttuynia cordata can cause physical impact on pregnant women and fetus, but they belong to a special group, when taking it, we must pay attention to it, so as not to cause some unnecessary problems The consequences.