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QQ video black screen how to do these three moves to teach you

When it comes to QQ video black frequency, I believe most of my friends have encountered this kind of problem, especially when they are chatting with friends or family in the video, they are talking happily. At this time, the computer suddenly has a black screen, which completely destroys their mood, but they are not computer experts. I don't know how to fix it. In fact, we don't have to think about how complicated it is This news editor will tell you what to do with QQ video black screen.

First of all, there is a black screen in the computers of readers and friends. Don't rush to move the computers first. You can see if you encounter a certain place, and then accidentally pull the video black, and whether the other party is also in such a situation, and then there is a problem in the video link line of your own computer. Of course, this is only for the desktop It's not a notebook. It is easy to solve the problem after judging the cause of the fault.

Well, the previous editor said so much, and then it's the focus of today's news. After you understand the reason of QQ video black screen, Xiaobian here recommends several solutions. The first way is to check your own network. Generally, if the network is not opened or the network speed is too slow, this kind of black screen will appear. If so, you can only wait until the network link returns to normal. The second way is that you may open too many programs when you video, which leads to too much cache and affects the speed of video.

If you have tried these two moves and they don't work, you may as well try to start the hardware acceleration operation. First, close the QQ video interface, then return to the desktop, right-click the setting function, and select the playing setting, then you can choose the hardware acceleration. The above is the method recommended by the editor. I hope it can help you.