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Can pension pay 10 years to get? After social security paid 10 years, can you get pension after reti

The topic of pension has always been very heated, and it has always been a hot topic for discussion. Recently, someone asked Xiaobian in a private letter, can I get a pension after 10 years? Can social security receive pension after 10 years of retirement? The following is Xiaobian sorted out the relevant information, let's have a look.

Can I get a pension for 10 years? Can social security receive pension after 10 years of retirement?

Of course, it's obvious that they can't get it, because according to the provisions of the social security law, if they want to get a monthly pension after retirement, they must meet two conditions: one is that the pension insurance has been paid for 15 years, and the other is that they have reached the legal retirement age.

Whether you are participating in the endowment insurance for employees or urban and rural residents, you have to pay 15 years in total to get the pension, which is a hard condition.

So, what should we do in this situation? In fact, there are three ways to choose. One is to choose to make a one-time payment up to 15 years.

At present, in some places, it is allowed to make a one-time payment up to 15 years after retirement. This is to take care of the elderly and have no dependence on them. However, it should be noted that not all places have this one-time payment policy.

Moreover, some local regulations are to extend the payment first, continue to pay for 15 years after retirement, and then receive a monthly pension.

Of course, if you are not willing to extend the payment, or one-time payment, or do not have enough money for one-time payment, then you can choose to transfer the employee pension insurance to urban and rural residents pension insurance, and then enjoy the corresponding treatment.

In addition, you can also choose to terminate the old-age insurance relationship. After the confirmation of the social security institution, the balance of your personal account can be returned to you, but the part paid by the unit will be collected into the old-age insurance fund and used for the pension payment of other retirees.

In a word, in this case, we suggest that it is more cost-effective to pay social security at one time when the economic capacity and policies allow.