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What does what do you mean by "tiktok"? Straight man's thinking is breaking down

Many girls hate that boys tell themselves to drink more hot water. Every time they hear it, they feel like people are going to explode. Especially when my aunt comes, drinking more hot water really doesn't work. It's really important to be more considerate and loving.

But it's on fire. Drink plenty of hot water

In fact, it's a very simple sentence for a boyfriend to drink too much hot water. A lot of people also like that joke, so some people change hot water into hot water, which is also catchy. I have to say that this stem is also very interesting. Sometimes it is also someone in order to tease the meaning of licking dog, sometimes a girl in it is also let licking dog forward, I have to say that netizens are also very talented. Also hope to find more interesting stem.

What is drinking more hot water

Have a fever of drinking water. The first time a girl was tucking on micro-blog, make complaints about cold, fever, dysmenorrhea, cold hands and so on.

'drink more hot water 'is popular among lovers now. Many girls just hate such words.

Why not tell girls to drink more hot water

This is a question that many straight men don't understand. It's clear that this sentence is used to care about you. How can it make you hate it? Do girls really hate drinking more hot water? How many girls will scold this man's fool and drink a glass of water at the same time after hearing the sentence of "drinking more hot water". In fact, the key problem between men and women is to drink more hot water. If a man and a woman are just friends, there is nothing wrong with a boy's "drink more hot water" in the eyes of a girl. However, if the boy in this sentence is a girl's boyfriend, husband and other people with similar relationship, then please believe that a naturally nervous girl will be able to interpret the sentence "drink more water" into various meanings

1. 'why is his answer the same as others'

2. 'Did he say that to every girl '

3. Why do you always say "drink more hot water"

4. 'he doesn't care about me at all'

5. 'is he in love with someone else'

In the end, girls must attribute the problem to their favorite conclusion: "he doesn't love me!" so when a girl is angry because of your "drink more hot water", it means that the girl cares about the boy.