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How to check personal credit? Introduction of three credit inquiry methods

In today's digital credit era, the use of personal credit is more and more, many in general, the best individual once a year to query personal credit information, then how to check personal credit? The following three credit query methods, you can refer to.

How to check personal credit

1. Bring your ID card to the local people's Bank of China, and you can inquire and print your personal credit report in person or by proxy;

2. Open the official website of credit information (http:// )After registering and logging in, you can submit a credit inquiry request to view your personal credit information;

3. Using the mobile phone number registered on the official website, edit the SMS' CX registered user name 'and send it to' 10698008899 '. You can receive the SMS of credit report 24 hours later.

Mobile phone APP query entrance is not introduced at present, so when you encounter such query entrance, you must be careful to avoid leakage of personal information. The system is not a WeChat official account.