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Which hairstyles are suitable for spring haircut? Four short hairstyles recommended for girls

What are the short hair suitable for spring? Spring has passed more than half, and girls who want to cut their own hair have not yet taken action. Let's recommend the following four kinds of short hair: big curl perm, students' head with bangs, curls outside ears, pear blossom curls with short hair.

What are the short hair suitable for spring

The first type: large curly irons

This kind of hairstyle can absolutely satisfy the psychology of most girls who want both big curly hair and haircut. After all, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it's a bit uncomfortable to keep a waterfall like long hair. The sweat behind the neck is very uncomfortable, let alone static electricity, it's easy for fairies to blow their hair, and static electricity can also hurt our hair quality. This short hair is not only refreshing, but also very small. If you want to try light and ripe style in spring, you can consider this hairstyle.

This perm also has a relatively large curl. Compared with the very popular wool curls, dog hair curls and so on, it's 100 times easier to take care of. Well, it's just a blessing for people who are afraid of trouble. However, this kind of large curly perm also needs to buy a curling stick and roll it from time to time to maintain this curly degree. So, girls can't be too lazy if they want to be beautiful!

What are the short hair suitable for spring

Second: Sweet student head

This kind of short hair is much simpler than the first kind of large curly perm, because straight hair needs less care than curly hair. After finishing this hair, it's like taking good care of your hair when you wash it. You don't have to worry about it when you go to bed. Even if you sleep recklessly, you don't have to worry about hair explosion.

If it's not suitable for bangs, you can try to dye a sweet hair color, or just like the little sister in the picture, it can be cool to dye flax gold. If you don't have a perfect girl on your forehead, you can ask teacher Tony to cut a bangs. In this way, you can definitely return to the age of 17, super age reducing!

What are the short hair suitable for spring

The third kind: Qi Er Wai Juan

This kind of hairstyle is more suitable for the girl with a sharp face, and a little out warping can highlight the perfect chin line. And this short hair compared to the first two to have more different, this is more royal sister style, there is a kind of hold live the whole handsome, suitable for more mature girl oh.

However, this short hair style needs careful care, because if you don't pay attention to the style, you will find that the curl of the hair tail has no radian, or the curl is too much. The curl degree is small, so it's easy to deform. You also need to prepare a curling stick to curl your hair occasionally! So if you have a slightly round face, you can also make it into an inner button, which can better integrate the charm of Yujie and the loveliness of Rumei.

What are the short hair suitable for spring

Fourth: short hair pear blossom perm

The pear blossom perm with short hair is the same as that with long hair. The end of the hair really has a nice curly range. And start curling from both sides of the bangs, will let the choice of this hairstyle friends more temperament, also can show small face, absolutely is the curly hair industry's thin face artifact, face slightly big friends don't hurry to learn, after taking photos don't have to hide behind my best friend!

At the same time, this pear blossom perm is also very lazy, rolling on the head is a kind of irresistible sweet ah! A little learn to wear, you can become a very temperament fashion little sister! Even can play the little cute people can also try the dark Lori wind, this hairstyle is also properly held oh! In spring, it should be sweet, or it will fail to live up to the good spring, it's so beautiful Sample can be short and sweet with salt and sweetness. Anyway, I love it!