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Why does Su Daqiang have to make a will? Is Su Daqiang going to wash his will

It's all very good Su Daqiang inexplicably says that he wants to make a will and that all three children are present, including Julie, who has been divorced. This makes Su Mingyu look confused. Su Daqiang also said that if he did not follow his will, he would go on a hunger strike. Many people are still very curious, why does Su Daqiang have to make a will? What does Su Daqiang have to say when making a will? Is Su Daqiang going to wash his will?

Why does Su Daqiang have to make a will

Su Daqiang's will was mainly due to Nie's sudden cerebral hemorrhage. This incident made Su Daqiang realize that he might fall to the ground and be admitted to hospital like Lao Nie. It's a terrible thing for him. And he has high blood pressure, but he always protects himself well and tries not to make himself angry.

However, just before living in Su Mingyu's home, he was offended by Su Mingyu's high blood pressure and was admitted to hospital for treatment. And he has to get up every night to pee, the frequency is very frequent. As a result, he doesn't have enough rest time at night, and if the old people don't have enough rest, they can't stand it.

Why does Su Daqiang have to make a will

Even though he didn't know what was wrong with his body, he felt that he might be dying soon. That's why I hastened to make a will. Netizens also agreed that the play of making a will was the time for Su Daqiang to wash white. Su Daqiang, who is a father, has been a bastard for so long, and finally let the audience see his highlight moment.

It's not hard to see from the preview that the play is quite moving. Although many people think that Su Daqiang has not received the boxed lunch yet, when he made his will, he cried like a child and couldn't help feeling soft. Of course, some netizens are still not willing to accept the fact that Su Daqiang washed the white. It is comforting for the wicked to suffer.