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What's going on when the love bank goes off the shelves? Why does love bank get off the shelves?

In March 25th, the WeChat official account of the love bank issued a statement saying that the regulatory authorities should enforce the mandatory requirement that the App of the love bank will close down and make a comprehensive rectification. The reason is that there are a lot of illegal contents in the community. For many people, they don't know what the app is for. Let's have a look.

But up to now, the love bank app can still be downloaded from the app store.

Love bank is a product that uses the 'online earning' mode to do love and marriage social networking, that is, through the way of cash incentive, it guides users to complete such behaviors as promoting innovation and liveliness for the product. Couples can get 1000 yuan in cash by "clocking in" 365 days in a row at the love bank.

In September 2018, it once ranked first in the list of free social networking. At the beginning of 2019, according to media reports, there are 1.5 million daily active users of love bank. If these users complete the punch in and sign in, the official of love bank will need to pay 1.5 billion yuan to complete the sign in reward.

In February 2019, love bank was questioned by users, and some users reported that when couples sign in for 320 days in a row, the platform will set up various rules to make it difficult for users to sign in for 365 days. For example, if a couple successfully signs in, they need to press 60 seconds at the same time, or even 520 seconds, 1314 seconds & hellip;. A difference of 0.1 seconds is considered a failure.

According to the enterprise survey data, the major shareholder of love bank's parent company, Shanghai LIAOLIAO Network Technology Co., Ltd., is Liu Yan, who is also the legal representative of Beijing liujianfang Technology Co., Ltd.

The following is the statement of Love Bank:

As required by the regulatory authorities, love bank app will be shut down and taken off the shelves for comprehensive rectification.

After the inspection of the regulatory authorities, there are a lot of illegal content in the app community of love bank.

Love bank will humbly accept the shutdown requirements, cooperate with the rectification work, and firmly abide by the red line of order. Implement strict audit and purify the network

Space, put an end to the production and output of any vulgar content, and create a harmonious and civilized couple app for the majority of users.