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How to set up wallpaper in the new version of wechat? Wechat circle of friends wallpaper setting pro

Sometimes many people don't want wechat's display effect to be so single, and want to add dynamic effect background on wechat, so how can the new version of wechat set wallpaper? Let's take a look at the process of wechat circle of friends wallpaper setting.

Methods / steps:

First, we open the BIU video desktop, and then find the wechat transparent skin as shown in the figure on the software home page.

Then we can find the transparent skin option, click this button here.

First of all, the system needs to set the opening permission by default. Click here to set it.

Then we find BIU video and click on it to allow it to appear in other applications.

Now let's go back to the previous page and click the next button option.

Let's choose a dynamic wallpaper we like and click on it.

After entering the wallpaper, we first need to open the permission, and click as shown in the figure to open it.

Find the BIU, allow access, and turn it on using the recorded switch.

Then set transparency, choose QQ or wechat, and click download below to set transparent skin.

After downloading the system automatic line, we need to click the set as transparent skin button.

At this time, we need to choose the sound mode or the silent mode. We choose the silent mode here, and then we return to wechat to complete the setting.