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What seafood do you eat around May Day? What is the fattest seafood in May

This year's May Day holiday time has been adjusted, the holiday is four days, these people can have a good rest, may day rest of course is to eat, drink and play, barbecue seafood is inevitable, so what kind of seafood is best on May Day? What kind of seafood is the most delicious in May?

What kind of seafood do you eat around May Day


It has high protein and low fat. The eight essential amino acids of human body are also evenly distributed. It has excellent beauty retention effect for women and helps to detoxify and cultivate their body. The traditional oyster net is a good tonic. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, oysters can cure deficiency and damage, strengthen Yang, detoxify, replenish qi and blood of men and women, make skin tender and prevent senility. '

Hairy crabs

High vitamin content. Vitamin itself not only has no heat, but also can help heat metabolism, is a good helper of weight loss. Taking 'Yangcheng Lake' as the representative, green back, white belly, yellow hair and golden claw set the index for good crab.

sea cucumber

Low cholesterol, and regulate blood lipids and blood sugar. Vanadium, manganese, potassium, copper, nicotinic acid, taurine and other components in sea cucumber can affect the metabolic process of body fat, prevent the formation of liver fat, and make people light and healthy. The most magical and precious seafood. In the world's 140 kinds of sea cucumbers, only 40 kinds can be eaten. It has been recognized for a long time that both yin and yang can strengthen the body and delay aging.

What kind of seafood do you eat around May Day


Unsaturated fatty acid. It can esterify cholesterol in human body, reduce blood lipid concentration, improve cell activity and promote metabolism. It is the first choice for healthy slimming. It is the most common seafood species, including green shrimp, river shrimp, grass shrimp, crayfish, prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn, prawn and so on. All of them have high therapeutic value and can be used as medicine.

Sea intestines

Vitamin E is the representative of trace elements. Ve has a strong antioxidant capacity, and can improve blood circulation, delay the appearance of aging symptoms, keep young body. Rare creatures along the coast of China were not valued before, and even used as bait, but their nutritional value is no less than that of sea cucumbers. Therefore, they have been served on the table in recent years, and have a better reputation as naked sea cucumbers.


The content of DHA is the highest in all kinds of fish. DHA, commonly known as brain gold, is a very important polyunsaturated fatty acid for human body. It can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and lipids in the blood, and prevent the formation of thrombosis. One of the four famous fish. According to the old poem, "people come and go on the river, but they love the beauty of bass." it can be seen that it is a traditional seafood dish. The meat is white and tender, with few thorns and no fishy smell. The garlic meat has high nutritional value and is the most delicious in autumn and winter.

What kind of seafood do you eat around May Day

Skin shrimp, swimming crab, crab, oyster (oyster), clam, conch, etc.

The taboo of eating seafood

1. Avoid beer

There are many taboos to eat seafood, among which beer is a must taboo. Especially for some patients with gout, if they eat seafood while drinking beer excessively, it will lead to gout attack. Seafood such as shrimps and crabs will form uric acid after metabolism. If the uric acid is too much, it will not only induce gout, but also cause kidney stones and other diseases.

2. Avoid fruits

In eating fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, we must pay special attention not to eat too much fruit containing vitamin C. Seafood contains a lot of protein and calcium, while fruits are rich in tannic acid. If both are eaten at the same time, it will not only affect the human body's absorption of protein, but also combine the calcium in seafood with tannic acid in fruits to form insoluble calcium, which will cause adverse stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract, and may even lead to abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other diseases It's like this. The taboo of eating seafood

3. Don't drink tea

To eat seafood taboo, tea is also one of them, after eating seafood can not immediately drink tea. This is because tea also contains a lot of tannic acid, which can also form insoluble calcium with calcium in seafood. Whether you eat seafood before or after eating seafood, drinking tea will increase the chance of combining calcium with tannic acid.

Ginger, vinegar, wine, such as eating crabs or hairy crabs must be dipped in ginger and vinegar. Because ginger has the function of warming, dispersing cold and detoxifying, vinegar can remove the fishy smell of crab meat, and wine also has the effect of sterilization, dispersing cold and promoting blood circulation. The combination of the three can not only protect the intestines and stomach, but also be effective in the treatment of dysentery caused by over eating seafood.