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Several common ways to kill mice quickly

The mouse is a ubiquitous bad guy. Basically, the mouse will appear in the place that is a little bit messy. The place with the mouse means that there are many bacteria, which will pollute the living environment of people. Especially if the mouse appears in the girls' dormitory is a disaster, everyone will be scared up and down by it and there is no way to deal with it.

After all, it's not like a cockroach. It's very quick and alert, but it will not only pollute food, but also damage daily items, such as important books and letters. What's most affecting life is that it may also bite the wires and cause the dormitory to be unable to power normally. So we must find a way to deal with it.

First of all, catching it and stepping on it is a technical activity. It is very difficult to catch it and step on it. The most convenient way for dormitories to have mice is to use the glue board directly. However, it is likely to be found by rats, because rats are actually very cunning creatures. It is better to put some food as bait near the sticky rat board.

There are also chemicals, which are rat drugs. It is the most widely used, the fastest and the best method of deratization. When using, remember where to put the medicine, and wash your hands to avoid that the mice do not poison themselves. Another drawback is that I don't know that the rat will die in a corner. I may not find it until it stinks.

Mousetrap is also a very quick and simple method. It must be used safely. When baiting, you must press the back of the mousetrap with your hand, and do not let go of it. At any time, you cannot try to touch the pedal of the mousetrap with your hand. When placing mousetrap, you should explain the placement position with your roommate in advance, and try to put it in a hidden place to prevent accidental contact and injury.