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What are su Mingcheng's golden sentences

When it comes to the current most popular TV series, it still belongs to our TV series "all very good", which has become the most discussed TV series among netizens since its broadcast. Everyone's acting skills in the play can be said to be very exquisite. Which role do you like best in the play? It seems that Su Mingcheng's role is more pleasing.

Recently, this play is also frequently hot search, of which the most hot search is of course the play's father Su Daqiang and his second son Su Mingcheng. This is not in the micro blog, there is a hot Search about Su Mingcheng's golden sentence, so what are su Mingcheng's classic sentences? Follow Xiaobian to find out.

All very good. What are Su Ming's golden sentences

In the play all very well, Su Mingcheng was scolded at the beginning, and later became a netizen who couldn't hate him when he opened his mouth. This is inseparable from his classic sentences in the play. Maybe only he can perform such technical lines so calmly, and netizens can't help clapping at teacher Guo Jingfei's lines and improvisation ability.

Summary of Su Mingcheng's golden sentences:

"You're sleepless tonight, Dad!"

'brother, you can remember to buy a sugar gourd. '

The time of defecation should not be too long. '

Why don't you buy the Palace Museum for the sake of your house, the location and the three bedrooms and one living room. '

'it's just two stinky money. What's the matter. '

"Why do you live in three rooms and one living room alone? Do you run?"

'you've become too wild. '

'I'm a cat, and she's a lighthouse jellyfish. '

"Uncle, is Zhongbang the material for learning? You might as well let him go to the park with you, play with the whip, drill the ring of fire, and set up a circus. He can also make a difference!"

'I suspect that he has been watching martial arts all the time. He is so aggressive. '

"The red one is called money! There are five in all, one used and four left!"

"Who do you think is old? My father is more intelligent than you!"

Su Mingyu is a white eyed wolf. '

'su Mingyu, what do you mean. '

"Why doesn't he want the galaxy?" and so on.

Summary of Su Jia's golden sentences

Su Mingzhe: "I'm the eldest son of the Su family." "you let me down too much." "I should take the responsibility of this family. '

Su Daqiang: "Mingzhe, come back quickly." "I'm dead." "I don't want anything, I want money. "I want to have coffee by hand." I can't stay in this house for a day. 'I want to buy a house'

Su Mingyu: "I'm not the Su family." what's the relationship between the Su family and me? "

Have you seen a series of golden sentences of the Su family and poked your smile?