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Data world champion Bacchus marries Wang Sicong is the best man

Dota Dionysus got married today. Wang Sicong is the best man! In a flash, Dionysus is 32 years old. Man 30, now his career love double harvest, together with blessing it.

Dionysus, formerly known as Wu Sheng. Born in 1987, Yongji City, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, graduated from Department of biomedicine, Zhejiang University. He is a top student of Zhejiang University. A dota world champion from Zhejiang University. Game ID 2009, so the majority of water friends called 9 God, with Dionysus.

For the character of 2009, from the moment he came out in the e-sports circle, his career was doomed to constant turmoil. Zhejiang University's top student, who used to be the world's top dota player, is the first Chinese E-sports player to open an online store after retirement, and has formed his own team. Among them are the interest storm with Haitao, the continuous fermentation of the pork incident, the discord with former teammates, and the bad deeds of being accused of stealing. So far, the majority of new generation dota2 players are more inclined to pay attention to the live broadcasting rooms of retired famous generals such as YYF, longdd, Zhou, 820, etc. for 09, it has become the material for each live broadcasting room to play in their spare time. The name of wusheng 2009 seems to have gradually lost its brilliance of personality and become a miniature of the entertainment era.

I believe God's past need not be said much. Those who know him are familiar with him. Those who like him are those who know him very well. Those who hate him are also those who know him very well.

Back then, Wu Sheng served as the team leader of Zhejiang University AVNC, and GL in its heyday.

Back then, Wu Shengtian came to the first place in the sgamer middle solo competition. Fair typing in the finals' sorry, I want to win this game 'has become one of the classic quotations.

Looking back on that year, Wu Sheng insisted on the three core strategy and won the world champion of SMM in 2009, which made him a great success. Before the game, he said in an interview that I would go to get back our champion.

Back then, when he was in the limelight, he suddenly announced his retirement and entered the career of video and Taobao. For a time, Taobao was popular in the electronic competition circle. Also let more ordinary players understand the power of DOTA.

At that time, he was in his prime and ranked first in all E-sports circles in terms of video hits.

At that time, he had a lot of fans, and I couldn't bear it. Many rap and ghost animal videos such as' my skate shoes' were popular in station B.

Today he has become an entrepreneur, a live broadcaster (though he is a master of idle fish). But no one has ever forgotten him. There are many people who like him and more people who hate him.

Time flies, time flows. Now Wu Sheng is no longer that high spirited youth. And we are not young, many doters have entered middle age. Today's Internet cafes, very few can see the DOTA game, it is difficult to see the lost youth.

In the twinkling of an eye, Dionysus is 32 years old. The man is 30 years old, and now his career and love are both fruitful. He and his wife Ge Xiaoyun will hold a grand wedding in the near future.

Seeing this news, I once sighed that it is now 2019, dota has already declined, but I still have the illusion of a day of rejuvenation. Once the legend is old, but we still regard them as the God in memory, omnipotent God in the DOTA game. But I also know that it is impossible, youth can not go back. We're getting older.

Now legend is old, dota is old. No matter you've ever liked him or hated him. That's the youth we can't go back to. Happy new marriage in 2009. The future is smooth.

So far, pay homage to DOTA, pay homage to Dionysus who once brought us happiness.