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Quick treatment for high fever

Sometimes we don't want to go to work, or when we want to ask for leave, how can we make ourselves have a high fever? What can I do to make myself have a high fever quickly? Let's share some methods that can make you have a high fever quickly! If you want to have a high fever quickly, you have to watch it carefully!

First of all, we need to find out the cause of the high fever, and then we can take measures to make our own high fever quickly. There are many reasons for high fever. The most common one is a high fever caused by a cold or tonsillitis. We can start from these two aspects.

It's easy to have a fever with a cold. Xiaobian tell you the way! The first method: we can consider taking a cold bath, especially in the colder winter, to ensure a cold and fever. If it's summer, we can consider taking a cold bath when the temperature is relatively low in the day, or a cold head. It's easier to catch a cold in the head and have a fever! The second way is that we can go to bed at night without covering the quilt, and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to a very low level. Try several times more, and make sure that you can catch a cold and have a fever soon!

We can also fever ourselves with tonsillitis. It's easy to get tonsillitis. Xiaobian tell you! For example, we can consider wearing less clothes when changing seasons and when the temperature fluctuates greatly! Or choose to eat some stimulating food when your voice is not comfortable, go out for a hairdryer, turn on the air conditioner at night, and pay attention to the air conditioner temperature must be lowered!

All of the above are the methods that Xiaobian shared to make everyone have a fever quickly! But Xiaobian still wants to say, we'd better not do this, deliberately make ourselves feverish to avoid certain things, although we can achieve the goal a lot of times, but it's in exchange for our body, this method is not worth it! Of course, these are the personal opinions of Xiaobian! You can choose freely! Xiaobian still hopes to share with you what can help you!