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How to view my personal pension planning? The latest policy of pension planning in 2019

How to view my personal pension planning? The government has the obligation, but individuals are more responsible. They don't have to rely on their children to provide for the aged. They can carry out their own pension planning when they are young to solve their own pension problems. Let's have a brief understanding of the latest policy of 2019 pension planning.

Now the government has introduced the endowment insurance for urban workers, and the new rural endowment insurance is also being piloted. For these two kinds of insurance, many people who meet the conditions do not want to join, and many people also ask whether they can not pay, so individuals must be aware that they do not know when the landlord began to consider this problem. If they are still young, don't rely on their children, rely on yourself If the building owner is no longer young, it will be a bit late for him to consider this problem. He should pay more attention to planning. It is not enough to rely on the power of the government. After all, we are not a communist society, and we are just doing our best to distribute according to work.

I hope the landlord will understand that I don't agree to push all the problems to the government level, so that I don't have any responsibility.