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How to license a vehicle in 2019? Detailed process and steps of license plate

There are a lot of vehicles on the license plate in the vehicle management office every day. Generally, the car owners and the staff of the car shop go there together. Just carry the relevant materials. Basically, we sign and choose the number. Let's introduce the detailed process of license plate in detail.

How long does it take to get a license plate

General car license is completed on the same day, new license need to wait a few days, can apply for temporary license.

Car registration process

New vehicle certificate, purchase invoice (Registration Sheet), owner's ID card (temporary residence card), compulsory insurance policy

Method / step

Three copies of each of the above materials.

First of all, pay the vehicle purchase tax for your car. At present, the purchase tax for vehicles with displacement of 1.6 or less is 5% of the vehicle payment (on the invoice), and 10% for vehicles with displacement of 1.6 or more. The purchase tax is paid to the IRS.

Here are some tips for saving money:

When buying a car, ask the 4S store to write down the amount on the invoice. This is to be able to see the lowest price of your car, the second is to pay less purchase tax!

The IRS can only pay the purchase tax by swiping the card without cash.

After tax payment, you can get the vehicle purchase tax payment certificate, and then you can go to the vehicle management office~

The first step is to go to the vehicle management office to sort out the documents and take photos. The car inspection notice will be brought to you by someone who will help you arrange the materials.

Part two: rubbing. The vehicle management office usually has a master to give you free rubbings. You can paste the rubbings and the photos of the car in the corresponding place of the vehicle inspection notice.

Part three, crossing the line. A large vehicle management office usually has a lot of vehicles, so vehicles need to queue up to cross the line to the vehicle inspection area. When you get to the car inspection area, open the hood and ask the police uncle to check the car for you. After checking your car, your uncle will take the car inspection notice away. You have to wait for the car inspection notice.

Part 4: go to the business hall for registration after receiving the notice. Let the salesman help you input data. I went to the DMV and deeply realized how deep and lifelike the salesman sloth in "crazy animal city" is!

The fifth step is to complete the registration, and the rest is fast. To pay about 125 yuan, and then get a motor vehicle license. Take the license and get the license. The steps to get a license here are probably over. Some places should not be paid attention to. It would be more troublesome to go to places where the yellow label cars are restricted.

Buying a car and getting a license plate is really a big deal for novices. They don't know a lot of things. It's common to run back and forth several times. I'm here to give you a suggestion: it's easier to buy a car than to keep one. If you are Xiaobai who has just worked, I suggest you buy a fuel-efficient car, which is enough for commuting!