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What does it mean that used car license plate can't be transferred? Second hand car ownership does n

Now many second-hand car sales, second-hand car ownership does not want to change the brand, so second-hand car license can not transfer what does it mean? Second hand car ownership does not want to change license plate how to do? Let's take a look.

To give the car to the other party without changing the brand is a question that many buyers often ask, either because they need to spend money or because the number plate is really good. In short, everyone likes the number plate, but it's not up to them whether they can transfer the brand to the new owner. Due to the particularity of the license plate, all the corresponding regulations of the vehicle management can not give the price, so as not to disturb the normal actual market price of the vehicle, so the license plate of the vehicle can not be directly transferred.

Of course, there is a situation that you can not change the brand when you do the second-hand car ownership transfer. That is, the second-hand car ownership transfer between husband and wife is actually a property transfer between husband and wife, so you don't need to change the brand. In this case, you need to notarize the property and go to Jinan vehicle management office.

Normal second-hand car ownership transfer is the need to change the brand, you can also use their original number plate to continue to use, just in the final selection of the number directly inform the vehicle management personnel. It's understandable that people don't want to change the brand when buying and selling second-hand cars. Some people don't want to change the brand at all. This is also wrong. There will be more harm if they don't want to change the brand.