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How to identify the teacher qualification certificate? A detailed introduction to the process of tea

The accreditation of teacher qualification is about to start. Some of the partners who are preparing for accreditation are not clear about how to identify the teacher qualification certificate and what materials to prepare. The following editor has sorted out the introduction of the accreditation process of teacher qualification certificate for you, and you can collect the partners who need it.

Accreditation process of teacher qualification certificate

The first step

Online application for registration

Log in to China teacher qualification website( )

(sometimes the website is in the state of maintenance. Don't worry. You can inquire after opening it.)

At present, there are four types of teachers who apply for teacher qualification.

The first type & gt; & gt; & gt;

Applicants holding the certificate of qualification for teachers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens issued by the examination center of the Ministry of education.

The second kind & gt; & gt; & gt;

Normal education graduates (including full-time Master of education graduates) who do not need to take the teacher qualification examination (including written examination and practical ability test). Accreditation process of teacher qualification certificate

The third type & gt; & gt; & gt;

Graduates of non normal education major who have passed the teacher qualification examination (including written examination and practical ability test) organized by various provinces and graduates of normal education major who need to take the practical ability test.

The fourth type & gt; & gt; & gt;

Applicants for accreditation of teachers in Institutions of higher learning.

The first category of applicants apply from the entrance of the national unified examination qualified applicants, while the other three categories of applicants have never participated in the entrance of the national unified examination applicants.

Applicants should first determine what kind of applicants they belong to, and then click on the corresponding weblog portal.

Here, we introduce in detail the process of the first category of people (that is, the candidates who take part in the unified examination)

Step two

Click the button of "online report of qualification confirmation" (as shown in the figure above)

Special tips:

For the first time applicants, please click the 'register' button to start filling in.

1) Please use IE 7.0 or above, Firefox or other compatible browsers.

2) Previous registration information is not reserved. If you want to participate in this recognition, please register your personal information again.

3) After using the system, please click "exit" in the upper right corner of the page to ensure safe exit.

4) If more than one person uses the same computer to register, please close the browser or click the 'exit' button after registering. Otherwise, your registration information may be replaced by subsequent registration information, resulting in your registration failure. Remember the process of teacher certification

The third step

If you have passed the examination and obtained the certificate of passing the examination, please click the 'national unified examination qualified applicant registration' button

Step four

Enter your information and the next step

Follow the prompts until the declaration is completed, download and print the "application form for teacher qualification recognition" and "Notice of on site acceptance of teacher qualification recognition"

So far, the online declaration process is over

Step five

According to the on-site confirmation precautions provided in the online declaration, please prepare the materials and submit them to the on-site confirmation point for audit within the local specified time.

Materials required for site confirmation:

(1) "Application form for teacher qualification identification" in duplicate;

(2) The applicant's ideological and moral appraisal form;

(3) Original and copy of ID card;

(4) Original and copy of academic certificate;

(5) The conclusion of the physical examination form should be clearly filled in "qualified" or "unqualified" and stamped with the official seal of the medical examination hospital;

(6) The original and copy of Putonghua proficiency test grade certificate;

(7) The qualified personnel of the national examination shall provide the certificate of qualification for primary and secondary school teachers (printed by themselves) issued by the examination center of the Ministry of education;

(8) the original and photocopy of the registered residence certificate issued by the social worker, or the original and photocopy of the personnel relationship certificate issued by the work unit (personnel archives keeping department);

(9) When applying for the qualification of internship instructor in secondary vocational school, the applicant shall also provide the original and copy of the professional and technical position above assistant engineer or the technical grade certificate of workers above intermediate level;

(10) Other materials required by teachers' qualification accreditation institutions, such as teaching practice materials of normal majors, academic certification reports, etc.

(in some cities, on-site confirmation is carried out first, and then centralized physical examination is carried out. The specific order of physical examination is subject to the local notice. )Accreditation process of teacher qualification certificate

Step six

And according to the notice to prepare and participate in practical ability test (also known as educational skills test, interview or trial lecture, etc.), generally arranged in the field after confirmation.

Step 7

The results will be confirmed and notified to the applicant within 30-90 working days from the date of on-site acceptance.

After passing, the teacher qualification certificate will be issued!

common problem

If you fail the interview, what can you do? Can you make up for it?

A: candidates who fail the interview can apply for the teacher qualification interview in the second half of 2018.

How to review the interview results?

A: after the interview results are announced, if the candidates have any objection to their interview results, they can apply to the local examination institution for review within 10 working days. The local examination institution will inform them of the feedback results after review.

How to prepare ideological and moral appraisal materials?

In China teacher qualification website( Download the "applicant's ideological and moral appraisal form", which is completed and sealed by the work unit, the subdistrict office of the household registration office, the township level government of the household register, and the graduating school is responsible for completing the seal. When necessary, the relevant units shall provide more detailed supporting materials in accordance with the requirements of the administrative department of education.

Can you make up for missing the registration time?

The starting and ending time of online registration is set by each Education Bureau, and the deadline of online registration cannot be extended. If you miss online registration due to personal reasons, please register again next time.

Can teachers have physical examination in advance?

A: the physical examination for teachers' qualification can not be carried out in advance. Please wait patiently for the notice of physical examination for teachers' qualification, and carry out physical examination for teachers' qualification at the specified time and place.

Can't I be qualified as a teacher?

A: No, it must be confirmed by the teacher's qualification certificate.